Sock Box!


I received my box from Jill, my Hurricane Sock Swap pal, about a week ago. Look at what wonderful things she put in for me! First of course, there was the sock:

Quill Lace!

The socks turned out beautifully, made with a hand-dyed yarn that Jill dyed herself just for me! *swoon*

Wanna know a secret? I love hand-winding center pull skeins!

Not only did I receive the beautiful sock and lovely, amazing hand-dyed yarn, I also got a box full of goodies:

What a lucky girl am I?

Needles, knitting accessories, a whole BOX full of Oatmeal Creme Pies (those were gobbled up in about a day and a half), and the sweetest little sewing tin you've ever seen! Just the perfect size for toting around a pair of socks in progress. : )

All in all, I rate this swap as a fabulous success! Jill, thanks again, you can be my swap partner anytime.

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Diamondback Shrug

Here's my latest design for the store:

Sized for Ladies S-M-L, with tips for how to size up! Includes a tutorial for log cabin knitting. Requirements: 4 skeins (all sizes) Malabrigo Worsted Weight (100% wool, 216 yards per 3.5 oz skein); color: #137 Emerald Blue, US #7/4.5 mm straights, double points and 32-inch circular needles.

Buy the shiny, 3-page PDF for only $3.00!

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My 100th Post!

Since I didn't do anything to celebrate my blogiversary (my one-year was March 31st), I decided I'd be somewhat traditional and post 100 things about me for my 100th post. Sorry it's coming on right the heels of 8 Things, but what can you do? Anyway, here we go; and don't feel compelled to read them all:

1. I used to be a waitress.
2. I have seriously considered auditioning to be on Survivor and Project Runway.
3. I watch a lot of TV, but could never tell you what was on.
4. I was born in Texas.
5. I believe you have to have been born in Texas to be a Texan.
6. I used to live in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
7. I have never been able to choose one favorite color or one favorite movie.
8. I met my husband at a baseball game; he arrived with my ex-boyfriend, who happened to be sitting two seats down from me.
9. I once asked for (and received) my money back after watching an entire movie at the movie theater, because it was such a disappointment. The movie? The Ladykillers.
10. I believe in six degrees of separation; in theory, I can get to Steven Spielberg, Bill Clinton, George W., and the most famous movie star in India all in less than three people.
11. I snorkeled through part of the world’s largest underground cave on my honeymoon. The water was freezing cold, but as clear as air. Watching the fish swim by ten feet below was surreal.
12. My favorite animals are giraffes.
13. My hair is dark brown, but most people think it’s black.
14. I once dyed my hair black, and no one noticed, including my family.
15. I’m right handed, but can also write with my left hand.
16. I have no emotional attachment to my wedding dress.
17. I used to design and sell custom teddy bears.
18. I listen to Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio on Live365 almost every day at work.
19. Curly hair on guys is my “thing,” and I often try to convince my husband to let his grow out a little, since it would be curly.
20. I speak Spanish.
21. I love going to zoos because inevitably I see an animal I’ve never even heard of before.
22. I own a cowboy hat, but no cowboy boots.
23. My husband proposed to me in a Superman costume.
24. While singing a song he wrote just for me.
25. I can cook, clean, sew, knit, crochet, bake, host parties, and do most other things domestic fairly well; I CANNOT, however, keep a plant alive.
26. I have three fish I regularly forget to feed. They don’t have names.
27. I have obsessive compulsive personality disorder. See the list of symptoms? Yeah, I have all of those except hoarding money and the inability to throw things away.
28. I know how to ride horses; I was also taught how to ride and train horses for rodeo events such as barrel racing and pole bending by the winner of the 2005 NARCSP National Finals.
29. I used to sell things on eBay full-time. (Mostly scrapbooking supplies, with a nice mix of clothing thrown in for good measure.)
30. I type over 100 words per minute. That means I can transcribe real time. (Boy, I oughta be a closed captioner!)
31. I love to shop “discount” stores like Ross, and when I go in more mainstream stores, I only shop the sales racks. It’s not to save money, it’s because I hate buying items of clothing that are so mass-produced the next 15 people to come into the store after me are going to buy the same thing. Ugh. I prefer to feel original; I don’t like to see someone else wearing the same thing as me.
32. I refuse to shop in department stores. In fact, I don’t even like to walk through them, and will avoid it whenever possible.
33. Two of my favorite actors are Anthony Hopkins and Morgan Freeman.
34. My husband and I got engaged 3 months after the day we met.
35. I don’t like to be wet.
36. I’m often confused as Hispanic, Jewish or Italian; actually, my heritage is Native American, of which I’m very proud.
37. I didn’t discover my hair was curly until I was 16; I was overjoyed, as I’d always loved curly hair.
38. I once turned down a marriage proposal from someone I actually wanted to marry. (Nope, not Curtis!)
39. I have freckles on my upper right arm in the configuration of Ursa Major.
40. I know how to surf.
41. I’ve climbed the Temple of Kukulcan. It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.
42. I own at least fifteen swimsuits.
43. I don’t understand the appeal of Orlando Bloom.
44. My top three things I’d love to see in the world are: the Pyramids at Giza, Machu Picchu, and the Colosseum in Rome.
45. My favorite musical of all time is Les Miserables. I once attempted to read the unabridged version of the book, but could only force myself to read about halfway through. Someday I’d like to finish it.
46. There are three movies I am always ready to watch again as soon as the credits roll: The Sound of Music, Moulin Rouge, and Ever After.
47. Someday, I want to eat at Le Jules Verne. I don’t expect to like the food.
48. I can never turn down ice cream.
49. I was homeschooled.
50. I’ve never attended a formal class of any kind, in any school, anywhere. Including driving school.
51. I got my first pair of glasses the day I went in to get my driver’s license; I would have failed the eye exam had the nice lady not let me take it twice.
52. My husband is a surgeon; his father, uncle, and grandfather are all doctors, as well.
53. I got to travel a lot growing up; because we were gone so often, I never had pets.
54. Now I own two dogs; a Chihuahua/Yorkie mix named Jax and a Beagle named Jewels.
55. My first “real” job was working at a craft store. It was fun!
56. I have brown eyes, but they are green in the sun or when I’m crying.
57. I saw Star Wars: Episode I in the movie theater about five times. To this day, I cannot figure out why.
58. I love fortune cookies.
59. Chinese food usually makes me sick.
60. One of the directors of the Dolphins Cheerleading squad once saw my photo and asked me to come to auditions.
61. I have seen, in person, every president that has been in office since I have been alive, except for Ronald Reagan.
62. When I was little, I thought I was going to marry Prince William when I grew up.
63. Favorite food of all time: Olive Garden’s Fettuccine Alfredo.
64. I own a Princess Leia costume. (Not the sexy kind.)
65. I got my ears pierced the day Princess Diana was killed.
66. I have bowed legs.
67. I am pro-choice. (I feel I must qualify that this is mostly because I do not think the government should have the right to tell a woman what she can or cannot do with her body...that's just a scary, slippery slope.)
68. I have never read Moby Dick.
69. I’ve spent the night on a beach. (Not at a campsite.)
70. I once knit a pair of mittens on a set of pencils.
71. I like the remake of Sense & Sensibility better than the original.
72. I have a knack for memorizing movie lines.
73. I hit the snooze button as many times as possible before getting out of bed.
74. I have a prominent cluster of freckles on my left forearm that some of my friends didn’t notice for years and when they finally did, thought I’d smeared something on myself.
75. My husband noticed those freckles the second time I ever saw him.
76. I have been on more than a dozen cruises. (About 15 now I think; honestly I quit keeping count.)
77. I like driving at nighttime and in the rain.
78. I get migraine/tension headaches in the sun, so every time I go outside I wear sunglasses.
79. I own 10 evening gowns; I don’t particularly like any of them.
80. I never met my paternal grandfather.
81. I have three uncles and aunts that died at birth/shortly after.
82. Mine and my husband’s parents are still married to their original spouses.
83. I never PMS’d until I got on the pill.
84. I write a lot at work, so I generally buy writing pens as souvenirs when I travel.
85. I have two older brothers, one fabulous seester-in-law, and the cutest nephew in the world.
86. I don’t have a “maternal instinct.”
87. I’ve never had a crush on a skinny guy.
88. I would rather wear a dress than anything else, provided it’s warm enough.
89. I don’t like cold weather.
90. I play Halo. Well.
91. I have been to Hawaii.
92. I have never been out of the Americas.
93. I believe it’s entirely possible that dinosaurs still exist.
94. I knit at work.
95. I hate having to repeat myself.
96. I always wear my seatbelt.
97. I like being up in the morning, but hate getting out of bed.
98. I still wear the watch my brother gave me as a graduation gift every day.
99. I like to act on stage.
100. I have taught four people how to knit.

Well, that's it! If you read this far, you get a gold star.

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Free Pattern Day - Holey Hexagons!

Click here for the free PDF!

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Download the shiny PDF for only $1.00!

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Here's Something You Don't See Everyday....

....a $224,000 car seat. cover.

Now that's just wrong.

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UPDATE: The price for this item has since (not before) been changed to the much more reasonable price of $224. However, be sure to read the very interesting comments for a good laugh.... comments have now been turned off due to the website owner's leaving threatening and abusive comments, which have been deleted. If, after reading the comments I've decided to allow, you would like to let Ms. Oddo know your feelings about her level of professionalism, you may E-mail her directly at info@taylorsbaby.com.

(Photo provided courtesy of Google's cache)