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Go get one. . .you know you want to! (Please note: Ravelry Beta Tees are available only for current Ravelry members, sorry!)

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It's true: I've been feeling very uninspired design-wise lately. Other than making a whoooooooole bunch of jewelry for my new Etsy shop, I haven't been feeling the love. Oh, don't get me wrong, there's been lots of knitting going on, and in fact I have designed something in the last week or so, but right now I just want to KNIT. At the moment, I'm working on Goddess, which is about 99% done - just have a few inches of trim left! I'm working it up in doubled laceweight cashmere, and let me tell you: never in all my years of knitting have I ever seen two balls of yarn get more tangled! Lucky for me, I was able to recruit a helper:

Real men untangle knots.

Yup, the Dr. thinks knots are his thing. Me? I was so frustrated with the stuff I let him at it. And you know what? He got it untangled! What a good hubby!

I'm concentrating on finishing Goddess before I start anything else. . .which really should be something for the shop, since I haven't turned in anything in awhile, but like I said: uninspired! Maybe I'll work on that beaded shawl with the laceweight Malabrigo; I had it about 50% finished when I realized I was using too much yarn, so, rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrip! Ugh. Wish me luck! And inspiration!

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Happy Birthday, Nephew!

Happy 4th birthday to the cutest little boy in the world! Love you, Noah! Hope your dad's not commermorating the day by going commando! ; )

One Stylin' Dude
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Aunt Sawah


Sarah Wilson: Original Coffee Doofus

Most people who know me know that I do not enjoy drinking hot (or even mildly warm) beverages. However, when presented with a free sample of Starbucks' seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte last week, I took the plunge. Well, what do you know? It was mighty tasty! So, this morning on my regular Starbucks stop, I decided to go the whole nine yards and actually order a hot coffee drink! Friends, the world is upside down. Things were going well until I got in my car, sipping away happily, when my legs suddenly started to feel hot. . .and wet. I looked down at my pants, which are of course white today, and my stoopid latte has been dripping all down the side of the cup onto my crisp white pants!

Not thrilled with this new development in my morning routine, I immediately grabbed the cell phone to call my brother. (No, I do not normally recommend driving, drinking a leaking coffee, and talking on the phone all at once, but this was an emergency!) "What's the deal?" I said, "Am I supposed to know some secret trick to these cups?" Thankfully, my coffe-guru brother had some good advice. "Check the lid," he advised. "Make sure the opening isn't lined up with the seam in the cup, sometimes that can make it leak" Well of course!!!! Sheesh. Jumping out of my car and walking hastily into the lobby to wait for my elevator, I was able to maintain a perfect balance of purse, keys, and coffee cup. . .for about ten seconds. Fiddling with the lid on my piping hot latte, somehow I managed to squeeze my little paper cup just tightly enough to collapse the cup, make the lid go flying, and slop coffee all over myself.

And they charge you five bucks for this?

From now on, I'm sticking with my Izze. Oh well, at least I entertained about ten people in the lobby this morning!

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My very own Etsy shop!!!!

Featuring jewelry designed by yours truly and my good friend, Laury Royse, this shop just opened this morning! We are now somewhat fully stocked, and are already making sales! Come on over and check us out! Oh...and we named the shop 5 7 9 Jewelry, because everything costs only $5, $7, or $9! And shipping is included, so you can't go wrong!

Keep your eyes open for needle jewelry in the near future!

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If I lived in Springfield, perhaps this is what I would look like:

Want to try? Come on, you know you do.

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