Free Pattern Day - Mel's Scarf

I whipped this up a couple of weeks ago as a special order for a friend of mine:

Mel's Scarf

Warm & Comfy!

A bit of bling

This was knit on US 35's using the following yarns:

Vanna's Choice (1 skein each) - 174 Olive and 99 Linen

Bernat Bamboo (2 skeins) - Dill

Joann Sensations Angel Hair (1 skein each) - Mint and Cream/Brown

Patons Brilliant (1 skein) - Marvelous Mocha

1/8" double face satin ribbon - 12 spools of 10 yards each, chocolate brown

Here's the "pattern" (queue it up on Ravelry here!):

Holding all yarns at once, cast on 15 sts. Work in garter stitch (knit every row) until piece measures 8 inches square. Continue by working in stockinette stitch, slipping the first stitch of every row. Work even until piece measures approximately 4 feet, 4 inches in length from cast on row. Finish by working an additional 8 inches in garter stitch. Bind off. Fasten tassels to each corner of the scarf, attaching beaded charm to one tassel, if desired.

The ribbons can be simply knotted together as you go; the texture of the scarf will hide any ends! Wear produly and be fabulous. : )

Till next time,

PS - Other knitting has been going on, too! I finished Bella Paquita last week, looky!


It's a bird! It's a plane!

No, it's Tim Gunn in a perfectly tailored suit, getting ready to begin Project Runway Season 4!

Starts tomorrow night, folks! Click here to meet the cast and get read up on all the details. (And don't bother looking for any self-taught designers this season. . .there's not a single one. Don't even get me started.)

Till next time,


Mail Goodies. . .and Baddies.

This week has been an awesome week, mail-wise!

First up, look what was waiting for me in the mailbox last night:

Ravelry tee, BAY-BEE!!!!!

These are running a little small; I'm hoping mine doesn't shrink much! Anyway, I'm super happy to have it now. Hopefully the doggies won't put tiny nail-holes in this one like they have all my other T-shirts. . .*sigh*

Next up, swap goodies!


I've been wanting to join another swap for awhile now. I happened across Swap-Bot and found this wonderful pre-Christmas knitting swap! The hostess was generous enough to allow me to participate, even though I hadn't been in any previous swaps on the site. Well, I think I was the first person in the group to receive my package; my partner, Debbie, was super quick! She did a great job, too, as I received tons of cute things! Sock yarn, a project bag, three adorable zippy bags, some handmade stitch markers, and Cat Bordhi's new book on knitting socks on 2 circs! (Hey, I've been wanting to try that!) Thanks, Debbie! You did an awesome job. : ) Meanwhile, my package goes out to my partner as soon as I receive the book I ordered for her on Half.com. I love doing swaps! If anyone out there knows of another good one, I'm all ears!

I heart this colorway!

Also in the mail this week was my first issue of Lucky Magazine, a birthday gift from my BFF. . .I think she got me a three year subscription!

My favorite feature is the page with stickers you can use to mark things you like!

Oh, AND I received not one but THREE skeins of yarn from the fabulous Marnie Maclean this week, just because she thought I should try out Rowan Calmer and she "had some lying around. . ." Well, imagine my delight when I received her package and found not only a skein of Calmer, but two other skeins of yarny goodness, as well! Somehow I didn't manage to snap a shot of these yummy yarns, but they'll be up on my Ravelry page soon. Thanks, Marnie! You rock.

Unfortunately, we are now going to have to interrupt this program in order to bitch for a moment (if you have sensitive ears or eyes, you're going to want to cover them for a sec. . .better yet, just come back for the next post).

Because I also received this in the mail yesterday:

I don't remember opening a Dell Preferred Account. . .

Yes, folks, I am a victim of identity theft. I have known this for a few years now, that my private information (including my SS #) is in the hands of an unkown cretin. However, up till now, the worst that has happened is that the little jackass went to Petsmart and had a Starbucks on me. Which my bank reimbursed me for, of course. But this? This is going a bit too far. You don't open a $4000 line of credit using someone else's information. Because that's just not nice.


If you're the rat bastard using my social security number for your own purposes, go to hell.

That is all.

(We now return you to your regularly scheduled, family programming)

Till next time,


Happy Birthday, Matthew!

The happiest of birthday wishes to my oldest brother, Matty:

Twenty points to anyone who can tell me where this photo was taken! ; )

Love you, bro!

Till next time,

Holey Socks!

(Or, Here's Something You Don't See Everyday, Part Deux. . .)

Now, I know as knitters, we can all appreciate a good pair of socks. But selling your used socks on eBay for $11.25?


Or perhaps you'd be more interested in paying $14.99 for a pair of used pantyhose?


I think someone needs to lay off the marijuana; either that, or she's been seriously misled as to the purpose and uses of eBay.

Hey, does anyone have a good suggestion as to a book of sock patterns? It has to have been published in the last 2 years. . .

Till next time,