4 down, 196 to go...

All in all, quilting for Quilts for Campers is going smashingly! I have been sewing nearly every night for two hours, and progress is being made! Although I only have four finished quilts at this time, I feel confident that they will all be completed in time for the June camps. Here's the first one:

Isn't it pretty?

And here's the huge stack of fabric, waiting to be cut into squares...

Keep praying for me, everyone! And to those of you who have helped in so many ways, thank you!

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The Doctor is "In"


Mission Minded Doctor

The hubby hasn't posted anything yet, but keep checking so you can welcome him to blogland when he makes his debut!

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Silly Shots With Sarah

Playing in Gramma's tissue paper...

"...and thank you, God, for our bread..."

My brother never should have said, "point to your balls!"

"Can I take a picture, Aunt Sawah?"

No, I want to do bunny ears this time!!!!

Snuggles with Uncle Jonny....Awwwww!

Hope you all enjoyed these photos, taken over Thanksgiving in Texas with my family! : )

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Surf's Up!

Yes, Florida is amazing!

Quite possibly the best photos I've ever taken in my life! And quite almost the last...these were taken with a disposable water camera as my friend whizzed by on waves mere inches away from my head. While I was standing chest-deep in water. All in all, I am extraordinarily proud of these shots. But just to prove that I'm not getting a big head, here's a photo I took of my friend in the car later that same day:

Ah, well. They can't all be good ones.

Later that same day, we drove past a woman walking down the street with a humongous rat on her shoulder! Random weirdness.

Oh, and here's a picture my friend took of me, because I know you are all wondering if I really can surf:

Yes, I really can. : )

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It's Time For. . .

Name that food!

A hundred thousand points to anyone who can guess correctly. Good luck!

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Have You Ever. . .

drunk a Key Lime Pie?

Well, I have! And I'll tell you, it's a weird experience. Quite tasty, but weird. As in, you feel like you should be chewing something. And you miss the crust. Still, though, those guys over at Jones are geniuses, I say!

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She lives!

...but just barely!

Isn't this just what we all feel like after the holidays? Come on, admit it. You want to snuggle up under a blanket and fall asleep, too!

I can't believe it's been almost a whole month since I've posted anything here! The last month has certainly gone by quickly. Whose idea was it to put Christmas and Thanksgiving so close together? Whew! Actually my holidays were great, beginning with a whirlwind trip to Texas over Thanksgiving, all the way through ending up with Christmas in Florida with my whole (including Gramma! Yay!) family here to celebrate with us. Even better news: I actually finished all of my Christmas presents! On time! Whoo hoo! (Actually, this is a slight overexaggeration, as I still have to seam up my best friend's gift...)

Here's proof:

Do I spy a homemade Anthropologie scarf and a cool Knit.1 hat? I do, I do! (Also note the sweet black velvet pageboy cap from the ever-stylish hubby!)

My parents, making their first appearance on the blog in their new matching scarves! What's that? Scarves in Texas unnecessary, you say? Absolutely....but they're great for those Alaskan cruises!

In knitting news, I finished and resubmitted my project for Knitty; hopefully Amy will like the photos this time. She's got a few to choose from; I sent 12! I've also begun working on the pinwheel sweater for Kailey; I'm using Lion Brand's Microspun and it is beautifully soft! Hopefully I'll be able to post some progress photos soon.

Happy New Year, everyone!
Till next time,