Hey, have you all heard about Polyvore? With it, you can create collages of just about anything, by swooshing photos from any website you wish! Use it to plan an outfit for a special event, create a fashion storyboard, or even develop a wish list!

Here's an example of a collage I made this morning:

"Modern Day Cinderella"

I just heard about this yesterday over on the Simply Knitting blog, and I'm already addicted! This is going to be my second-biggest time waste after Ravelry, I can tell. Unfortunately, unlike Ravelry, Polyvore doesn't seem to actually be helpful or productive in any way, so it's just for fun!


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Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera....

I know, I know...it's too late for a Memorial Day post. But look! There was knitting!
and a picnic, to boot!

and fireworks!

We had a great time at Celebration at the Station here in Kansas City. There was a free concert by the symphony, yummy food, and fireworks! What's that? You want to know what that lovely piece of green silk turned out to be?

No. 6 by Wendy Bernard for Stitch Diva Studios

Based on a classic Chanel piece, this new pattern (available soon at http://www.stitchdivastudios.com/) features seamless, top-down construction with set-in sleeves. In over 15 years of knitting, I'd never constructed a sweater like this before, and I have to say: this is something we should all know how to do! There's no better pattern to give it a go with than this one, either. Wendy's no-nonsense style of pattern writing gives clear, precise directions on how to master this interesting technique! Knit up in delicious Tilli Tomas, this is going to be one piece you'll be reaching for again and again!

pretty sleeves!

There's been another test on the needles in the past couple of weeks! This one is another knockout:

Silken Scabbard by Jennifer Hansen for Stitch Diva Studios

Knit up in delicious 100% cashmere, this design features morphing cables that outline the raglan shaping, sleeves, and waist shaping. Bee-you-tee-ful! This one's sure to be a big hit. The pattern will be out soon and I believe will feature both a short-sleeve and long-sleeve version.

for this test, i knit only what you see here - jennifer added the rest

pretty girl says: you need one of these!

Well, that's it for now, I guess. There's been more knitting going on, but I've been meeting book deadlines, so I can't show you!

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