Harry Potter...Lives? Dies?

Thought I'd post some photos of the big event:

Rita Skeeter, complete with Quick Quotes Quill. . .

Mad Eye Moody (This guy's costume was great!). . .

Bellatrix Lestrange (or, as she introduced herself, "Bellatrix Black." Hmmph.)

All in all, the party was fairly lame and unexciting, except for this group, who were all together. They also had Tonks with them, and a boy who wished to be identified only as "A Ravenclaw." Anyway, Becca and I had fun, see:

Battling the crowds as the clock strokes midnight

Okay, so maybe there weren't enough people to qualify as a "crowd." Maybe there were only about a hundred people at our chosen bookstore. Shoulda gone to Barnes & Noble. . .lesson learned. Ah, well.

Till next time,

PS - The title of this post reflects the fact that I have not yet finished the book, so please do be kind and don't give anything away!


Tonight. . .

It's Lev-ee-OH-sah. . .not Lev-ee-oh-SAH. You're saying it WRONG.

A few speculations, because I can't resist (and it's no fun without them):

1. Fred and George Weasley will die

2. Dumbledore knew about Snape

Why not take a guess? Come on, you know you want to. . .

Llit txen emit,

PS - More photos to come later!


Mystery Dress

What a work of art. . .

A thousand points to the person who can correctly guess what this piece is made out of. Or, you could just cheat and read about it here.

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You may have noticed my absence from this space during the previous month. Faced with finishing my Quilts for Campers project on time (thanks, Mom!), I've been a bit busy. However, there is one more excuse I have to offer: I've been swamped with knitting!
Malabrigo! Alltogether now, "Mal-ah-briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-go....."
Watch the drool, ladies!

Laceweight Malabrigo for a beaded wrap!

Many people wish that their hobbies could pay for themselves; seemingly, few actually get the opportunity. In the last two months, I have been blessed beyond belief with some amazing opportunities! First, I decided to apply to become a Stunt Knitter for Stitch Diva Studios. While in my LYS to choose some yarn for the test swatch, I began chatting with the clerk about what the yarn was for; she seemed interested that I wanted to become a sample knitter, and mentioned that they were currently looking for a sample knitter themselves. Intruiged, I offered her my name, phone number and blog address, and also mentioned that I do my own design work, as well. I left the store encouraged, but not hopeful. After all, she'd never seen any of my work and (so I thought) was probably not the decision-maker, anyway. Wrong! Turns out she was the regional manager for the entire chain of stores, and two days later, called me up and said they wanted me to design some golf club covers for the shop. I was ecstatic! After delivering the first three covers, I was asked to do two more. . .since then, I've been asked to design two adult garments, a child's garment, a shawl, and five additional golf club covers! I am swimming in wonderful yarn and delighted that I have free reign to design whatever I like with very few guidelines! What an opportunity!!!!!

With that story told, I am excited to be able to share with you, at no cost, the designs I am working on for the store. At some point, I may chronicle the design process, from original sketch to finished project. A few of my patterns have already been made available, both here and on the Great Balls of Yarn website.

A gift from the owner of my LYS. . .what's inside?

FREE YARN!!!!!!!!!! Robin is the BEST LYS OWNER EVER!!!!

So you see, friends, I am still here, and still knitting! Now that my quilt project is over, I hope to be around more often. . .hopefully with many more yummy projects!

Till next time,


PS - Oh, and the Stunt Knitting bit? Yeah, I got that, too. I've already finished 2 projects for Jennifer Hansen and am about to start 2 more, one for Ms. Hansen and one for Marnie MacLean. Whoo hoo!


Heaving a Big Sigh of Relief. . .

My quilts are finished!

Yes, friends, the long journey to make 240 quilts for Royal Family Kids' Camps is finally over. (Or at least, on a break!)

Here's a few shots of the finished quilts:

The boys

The girls

Unfortunately, because of the camps' strict privacy rules, I can't show pictures of the happy children with their new quilts. But rest assured, there were some very, very happy children!

I have quite a bit of quilt-makings left over, so I plan to make some more for these camps at some point. For now, though, I'm taking a break!

Till next time,



Finally here!
My newly released pattern, Stargazer, has arrived! I'm excited to see this pattern finally released as I started knitting and designing it over a year ago! A few people have already asked me about yarn substitutions. For the main color, I suggest Rowan Cotton Glace, and for the silky band, I suggest Crystal Palace's Mikado Ribbon yarn...or any shiny tape yarn, for that matter!
Thanks for stopping by! I hope you will enjoy wearing this as much as I've enjoyed designing it!

Sized for Ladies XS-3X. Not sure what this will look like on your body type? Take a look at the Ravelry projects page for this design to see it knit up for a variety of shapes and sizes! Never knit a sweater before? No worries! This unique piece is actually made up of four rectangles, cleverly seamed together! Don't like seaming? Tips are included for making the design seamless. :)


(MC) Red Heart Lustersheen [100% Acrylic, 335 yds per 4 oz skein] color: Turquoise, 3 [4, 4, 5, 5, 6, 6] skeins
(CC) Ribbon “Yarn”; White; 60 [70] yards (Directions for how to make this yarn given in pattern)
OR any silky tape yarn knit to gauge of 5 st/6 rows/inch in seed stitch; color: White; 60 [70, 70, 80, 80, 90, 90] yards
1 set(s) US #5/3.75 mm straight needles

Buy the shiny, 4-page pattern for just $3.00!

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