Harry Potter...Lives? Dies?

Thought I'd post some photos of the big event:

Rita Skeeter, complete with Quick Quotes Quill. . .

Mad Eye Moody (This guy's costume was great!). . .

Bellatrix Lestrange (or, as she introduced herself, "Bellatrix Black." Hmmph.)

All in all, the party was fairly lame and unexciting, except for this group, who were all together. They also had Tonks with them, and a boy who wished to be identified only as "A Ravenclaw." Anyway, Becca and I had fun, see:

Battling the crowds as the clock strokes midnight

Okay, so maybe there weren't enough people to qualify as a "crowd." Maybe there were only about a hundred people at our chosen bookstore. Shoulda gone to Barnes & Noble. . .lesson learned. Ah, well.

Till next time,

PS - The title of this post reflects the fact that I have not yet finished the book, so please do be kind and don't give anything away!


  1. Excellent costumes. Looks like a good time was had by all. The book was the best writing she's done.

  2. love it! i should've gone to a store. that would've been fun. you'll have to let us know when you finish! i can't wait.