Jumpsuit Mania!

So, I've been thinking lately that if I could afford it, I'd buy almost of my clothes on Etsy. I'm the kind of person that doesn't like to wear the same thing everyone else is wearing, so I browse Etsy a lot to drool, and to get style inspiration!

Today's search for jumpsuits turned up these pretties:

Convertible Harem Jumpsuit
Convertible Harem Jumpsuit, $125.00 from NICFISH

Backless JumpsuitBackless Jumpsuit
Persephone Backless Jumpsuit, $88.00 from VeronicaTrost

Warrior JumpsuitWarrior Jumpsuit
Urban Warrior Jumpsuit, $70.00 from ME2Designs

Hemp Jumpsuit

Hemp Jumpsuit, $76.00 from MeatMaster

I love when a seller takes the time to style their clothing and take it out for a real photo shoot on a real model! It makes all the difference between feeling like you're buying something made in someone's basement and feeling like you're buying something from a professional designer in a boutique. Love it!

I'd wear all of these in a heartbeat - I'm just that kinda gal.


Pattern Refresh - Argyle Golf Club Covers

I had an E-mail a couple of days back from a lovely Raveler with a question about my argyle golf club covers. She was wanting to use the pattern to teach a class, which I thought was wonderful! This prompted me to take a look at the pattern, which was in dreadful need of a makeover. Well, I provided said makeover, and the shiny new PDF is now available for your downloading pleasure! The new version features in-the-round construction and a chart for the fair isle bit! Don't worry, though, the verbose instructions are still there, too - and if you prefer to knit the pattern flat, just omit the bit about joining in the round and follow the chart for the fair isle. Then, in the decrease section, purl the even rounds, and you'll be good to go!

Get it now, for free: PDF download

I also get a lot of questions about yardage requirements - the pattern lists 1 skein each of 3 colors Malabrigo, and my guess is you could get 2 covers out of those skeins, likely 3 if you omitted the ginormous pompom on top (or made the pompom in a different color). If anyone out there wants to weigh their cover and let me know how many grams it took, well that would just be swell!