Blogging from Home...

...due to the very lucky fact that my next-door neighbor (whose name is apparently Debra) has wi-fi! Yippee!

Progress unpacking and decorating is going well! Here's a couple of "before" pics for your entertainment:

The craft room - not the craft/guest room. Yay!

A very sad and brown living room (don't worry - it gets fabulous later!)

Till next time,


We've Arrived!

The doctor and I are safe and sound in Kansas City, Kansas now and are slowly but surely unpacking everything! We've already painted the living room and I'll post pics of that soon!

Almost there!

Welcome to Kansas!

Mommy, what are you going to do with all these boxes?

Till next time,


Rollin, rollin, rollin....

After a much-longer-than-anticipated day of driving, which included a visit from the Carsick Fairy to my sweet 4 year old nephew (boy, can that kid spew!), we have finally made it to Georgia. Yesterday, we had a farewell trip to the beach:


Jax, I don't think we're in Florida anymore...

Till next time,


Today's the Day...

...the doctor and I begin a new adventure.

Due to unforseen circumstances, the residency program here in West Palm Beach has closed, forcing us to seek out a place for the doctor to finish his training. See you in Kansas City! If you want to see pics of our new place, click here.

Till next time,