Free Pattern Day - Golf Like an Egyptian!

Next up, another golf club cover! This one features an easy mosaic stitch that looks much more complicated than it actually is!

For those unfamiliar with mosaic stitch, it is a two-color knitting technique that only uses one color per row; the second color of stitches are slipped from the row before, creating an interesting fair-isle effect!

Get the PDF for free, here.

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Free Pattern Day - Guitar Strap!

Next up, we've got a super simple, crocheted guitar strap:

This works up quickly and uses just a scant amount of worsted yarn! This is great for that sari silk you bought but now realize you have absolutely no use for. Know someone who likes to play around on their guitar? That friend of yours that's 36 but still thinks his band is going to make it? This is for them. :)

Download the PDF for free, here.

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Free Pattern Day - Profane Golf Club Covers!

As promised, here's the next free pattern up for grabs!

thanks to BumbleBeas for the kind use of this photo!

For golfers with a sense of humor, this set of covers will not only keep your clubs cozy, they'll give your foursome a good chuckle, too! Includes charts for #, @, !, * and %.

Get the free PDF here.

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Free Pattern Day - Argyle Golf Club Covers!

Whoa! I just realized I've never uploaded all of my free patterns to the bloggity-blog, so I'll be doing that over the next few days. Check back tomorrow for another freebie! Today's lovely is:

Argyle Golf Club Covers!

These have been popular for Dads, Brothers, Boyfriends, Husbands, and men in general, but I'm partial to this fun pink and green combination!

This pattern requires basic fair isle skills, but would also be a great beginner fair isle project. Check out the projects already posted on Ravelry!

Download the PDF for free, here.

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