Flash Your Stash 2006

Ok, well before we begin I just have to say that I CAN KNIT AT WORK AND NOBODY CARES!!!! So needless to say, I go through yarn pretty fast. Which means that most of my "stash" is yarn that I have had since I was like, 9 and now have no idea what I'm going to do with. *grin* Any suggestions? Anyone? Anyone?

Without further adieu, I give you:

The Stash!

The Stash Again! (But smaller, because the blanket yarn not shown here)

There you go. Now, for individual pics:

Cashmere & Suede Yarns:

Fluffy Yarns:

Solid Yarns (used for my custom knit ski hats):

More Solid Yarns (with WIP Gryffindor scarf shown also):

Pound of Love Yarns (Yes, I know they're hideous, but I have made over $120 from these two balls alone and still have some yarn left over, so I don't want to hear it):

Teeny Tiny Balls of Yarn That I Cannot Bring Myself to Throw Away (Ideas, anyone? Maybe I should knit tiny clothes for Natasha's Mice):

Variegated Yarns:

More Variegated Yarns (including silks):

The Most Delicious 100% Wool (Destined for a felted purse--who knew a mother-in-law could be so cool?):

Black Fuzzy Yarns (for my husband's blanket. . .eventually!):

And because I like them, my stash of pattern books (including my gramma's vintage Workbooks. . .yes, I know, you're all jealous):

So that's my stash! Consider yourself flashed. : )

My First Post!

So, that's me up there, white dress and all. (Though I suppose in this picture it's really more sepia-toned.) Just wanted to introduce myself by way of a picture. This is now my space, and if you, unsuspecting internet-loving fool, have stumbled upon it, welcome to my family.

I have always loved browsing complete strangers' blogs. There is just something about the power of the internet to bring people together that overpowers me. So I decided to join the fray, add my voice to the millions of others. And, while I intend for this blog to mostly be a forum to display my craft, (knitting) you may also be subject to my other whims as well. You are forewarned.

At the moment I'm fascinated with clothing design. I am an admitted Project Runway addictee (Season 4, watch out!) and currently have several sketchbooks and about three hundred loose sketches of my designs floating around my house. Someday maybe I will sew them. In the meantime, I've discovered that I can also design knitwear! I will be posting my most recent projects (baby clothes, my friends are at that stage in life) in the near future, and patterns may also be available, if there is any interest.

Till next time,