Welcome to everyone who's filtering over my way from Knitty, and to my other five loyal readers! Today I'm excited to announce that my newest pattern, Cirque, is available through Knitty!

cute cably goodness!

These socks are in the advanced knitter category of "extraspicy" because they feature detailed patterning, including many sections of line-by-line patterning at the heel and toe, circular cables, and an "unvented" bindoff. If you're looking for a bit of a challenge or something to pay attention to, these are your socks! I'd like to thank Cindi and Lisbeth for testing these for me - my knitting group rocks!

the twist goes allllllll the way around the toe due to an unconventional three-needle bindoff

I'd also like to thank the fabulous sock tech editor over at Knitty, Kate Atherly, for helping make this pattern perfect. I hope that you will all find it to be error-free! (And in a complicated pattern, isn't that even more important than usual?)

Yes, those are both my feet. No, I wouldn't wear them like that.

Comments welcome - I'd love to know what you guys think!

Till next time,