Free Pattern Day!

Well, it's been awhile since I've given you all a new free pattern, so I thought this was long overdue! I give you:

The Three-Way Scarf!
(snickering here is entirely appropriate)

This little pretty is based off the Climbing Trellis Lace pattern showcased on Purl Bee, also used in Elisa's Nest Tote. It's a simple, quick knit worked lengthwise to the width desired, blocked, and styled in one of three ways. The scarf and shawl options require no other effort, while the shrug calls for knitting cuffs across the shorter ends. Voila! A stunning new accessory for fall.

Pattern calls for 1 hank of Henry's Attic Peruvian Tweed.

Enjoy, my dears! Click here to download the free PDF!

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Well, it's getting to be that time again, time when all good citizens do their part to make this country a better place. Yes, folks, I'm talking about the Jones Soda label contest:

Vote for Me!

We'd love to have your vote! Sarah & Jax 2008!


Blue Hawaii!

Yes, dears, it's finally finished and ready for your knitting pleasure! I give you:

Blue Hawaii!

This pretty, clever top features an elastic band that’s worked right into the fabric while you knit, making folded hems and sewn-in elastic a thing of the past! The beautiful cabled detail is all done without a cable needle, using simple twisted stitches appropriate for even a novice knitter. Also featuring easily removable straps, you’ll find this top will take you from the beach days of summer right into fall – just throw on a blazer and keep on wearing it! Styling suggestions are included in the pattern. Sized from XS-3X.

  • The Unique Sheep Pima Petite (100% cotton; 265 yards per 100 gram skein); color: Spring Lilac; 3 (3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 4) skeins

  • Rainbow Elastic Thread (1 mm Fine, 50 yds per card); color: 64 Violet; 1 card (available at Beadwrangler’s Thread Shop)

  • 1 set 20 inch US #6/4 mm circular needles

  • 1 set 20 inch US #7/4.5 mm circular needles

  • 2 3/4 inch buttons

Purchase the shiny, 2-page PDF for only $5.00!

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Coming Soon...



Hey, have you all heard about Polyvore? With it, you can create collages of just about anything, by swooshing photos from any website you wish! Use it to plan an outfit for a special event, create a fashion storyboard, or even develop a wish list!

Here's an example of a collage I made this morning:

"Modern Day Cinderella"

I just heard about this yesterday over on the Simply Knitting blog, and I'm already addicted! This is going to be my second-biggest time waste after Ravelry, I can tell. Unfortunately, unlike Ravelry, Polyvore doesn't seem to actually be helpful or productive in any way, so it's just for fun!


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Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera....

I know, I know...it's too late for a Memorial Day post. But look! There was knitting!
and a picnic, to boot!

and fireworks!

We had a great time at Celebration at the Station here in Kansas City. There was a free concert by the symphony, yummy food, and fireworks! What's that? You want to know what that lovely piece of green silk turned out to be?

No. 6 by Wendy Bernard for Stitch Diva Studios

Based on a classic Chanel piece, this new pattern (available soon at http://www.stitchdivastudios.com/) features seamless, top-down construction with set-in sleeves. In over 15 years of knitting, I'd never constructed a sweater like this before, and I have to say: this is something we should all know how to do! There's no better pattern to give it a go with than this one, either. Wendy's no-nonsense style of pattern writing gives clear, precise directions on how to master this interesting technique! Knit up in delicious Tilli Tomas, this is going to be one piece you'll be reaching for again and again!

pretty sleeves!

There's been another test on the needles in the past couple of weeks! This one is another knockout:

Silken Scabbard by Jennifer Hansen for Stitch Diva Studios

Knit up in delicious 100% cashmere, this design features morphing cables that outline the raglan shaping, sleeves, and waist shaping. Bee-you-tee-ful! This one's sure to be a big hit. The pattern will be out soon and I believe will feature both a short-sleeve and long-sleeve version.

for this test, i knit only what you see here - jennifer added the rest

pretty girl says: you need one of these!

Well, that's it for now, I guess. There's been more knitting going on, but I've been meeting book deadlines, so I can't show you!

Till next time,


In which knitting appears on the knitting blog!

It seems like I've been knitting a lot of socks lately. Now, I don't by any means consider myself a Sock Knitter, but socks are just so darn easy to design that I've been doing a lot of that lately. Two of the pairs will be seen in the upcoming "Tops & Toes" by DRG Publications/The House of White Birches, due out this fall. The other pair, well, we'll have to see.
So anyway, since I've been knitting all these pairs of socks, I started thinking I needed to get a pair of sock blockers. After looking in all the local yarn shops and finding only those awful plastic things (no offense, Amber!), I decided I wanted something a little prettier. And where else do you go for something that's pretty and practical but Etsy??


I got these from Leggy Creations on clearance at a stunning $20 - for the pair. Her usual price is only $30 per pair, which is a steal considering that most of the plastic blockers are $25 per pair. If you're in the market for sock blockers, I'd highly recommend checking out her Etsy shop. I believe she takes custom orders, as well as the items already in her shop. I only regret that I only need one pair, because these could get addicting! I was also really happy with the friendly, personal service that Becky gave me, as well as super-quick shipping. Very, very happy! And these got put to use as soon as they arrived. On what, you ask? These:


Yes, I know there are like 5,000 pairs of these on Ravelry. Mine are the non-lacy version, knit in Koigu. Didn't they turn out pretty though? I absolutely love how they blocked so nicely on my new sock blockers! Hmm...maybe I will become a Sock Knitter, after all!

Till next time,


A Brilliant Ikea...

I paid a visit to the Sunrise Ikea before leaving south Florida (that's a whole other story for a whole other blog post, but I can sum it up in one word: Hellhole!!!) and snagged some goodies. Among them was this lovely herb garden container, which I filled today:

pretty little green things!

Clockwise from top left, we have lavendar, large-leaf basil, chocolate mint, lettuce-leaf basil, rosemary, and sweet basil. I like basil a lot! I use it quite a bit to make fresh pesto. Yummy! Plus, it smells unbelievable! And since this lovely little collection is inside instead of on the porch, my whole sitting room is going to smell delicious - and I can't wait!

Loads of knitting is going on at my place these days. I'm trying to finish a dress, a sweater and half a pair of socks before the end of the month. Wish me luck!

Till next time,


Rusted Root!

I finished my Rusted Root a couple of weeks back, and have been too lazy to take photos until this morning:

Look, there are green things here now!

I love my back porch!

I used Lion Brand Cotton Ease, 3 skeins for the Small size. I thought it might be knitting up a little too tightly at first, but now that it's finished I love how it turned out! Get all the gritty details here.

I'm also currently test knitting a design by Jennifer Hansen for Stitch Diva Studios. It's a sweater, and it'll be out for the fall line.

100% Cashmere by Jade Sapphire

It's coming along nicely and is going to be just gorgeous! One of the things I love about working for SDS is getting to use these wonderful luxury yarns that I'd never choose to afford for myself. This stuff is just amazing! It's also eerily similar to the 4-ply mongolian cashmere that Sarah's Yarns carries.

I'm also working on a sooper-secret project for an upcoming book by Cherry Tree Hill Yarns! Here's a tiny peek:

Shhhh, don't tell anyone I let you see!

That's it for now!

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They Do. . .

This past week has been a whirl of activity, preparing for my oldest brother's wedding on Friday. Here's a shot of the happy couple:

Cutting the Cake

And what did I wear, you ask? Why, this:

6 yards of silk dupioni!

I designed it myself! I wanted a super-full skirt (over 300" inches at the circumference), with a satin cumberbund at the waist and neckline. The back slopes sharply from the neck to the small of the back, attaching to the cumberbund. Finished the whole thing off with these, this and a 10-inch black satin bow worn aside my parted, chignoned hair. Only about 4 days from start to finish - I was surprised I could pull it off without a pattern! I haven't worked with fabric in a long time. I may have to start doing it more often. . .hmmm. . .summer dresses, anyone?

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Originally featured in Magknits, April 2008.

Knit with sock yarn, these lovely armwarmers will keep you warm in style, while munching up those leftover skeins! As seen here, they use 1 skein of Lang Jawoll and 1/2 skein of Tess Super Socks & Baby - but you could use any odds and ends you might have lying around! In total, you'll need about 400 yards for the pair.

Buy the 3-page PDF for only $1.00!

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Making Progress...

Here are the "after" shots, as promised (I haven't hung any pictures yet, and there aren't any window treatments, but you get the idea):

The doggies approve!

The sitting room - adjacent and attached to the living room.

The living room looking into the sitting room.

The craft room. It's pink!

The stash! I saved the best for last. : )

Till next time,


Blogging from Home...

...due to the very lucky fact that my next-door neighbor (whose name is apparently Debra) has wi-fi! Yippee!

Progress unpacking and decorating is going well! Here's a couple of "before" pics for your entertainment:

The craft room - not the craft/guest room. Yay!

A very sad and brown living room (don't worry - it gets fabulous later!)

Till next time,


We've Arrived!

The doctor and I are safe and sound in Kansas City, Kansas now and are slowly but surely unpacking everything! We've already painted the living room and I'll post pics of that soon!

Almost there!

Welcome to Kansas!

Mommy, what are you going to do with all these boxes?

Till next time,


Rollin, rollin, rollin....

After a much-longer-than-anticipated day of driving, which included a visit from the Carsick Fairy to my sweet 4 year old nephew (boy, can that kid spew!), we have finally made it to Georgia. Yesterday, we had a farewell trip to the beach:


Jax, I don't think we're in Florida anymore...

Till next time,


Today's the Day...

...the doctor and I begin a new adventure.

Due to unforseen circumstances, the residency program here in West Palm Beach has closed, forcing us to seek out a place for the doctor to finish his training. See you in Kansas City! If you want to see pics of our new place, click here.

Till next time,


Item of the Day 02.28.08

Today's item may be a bit controversial - not for those of you who are truly conservative! I, on the other hand, think it's a bit of fun. These also kind of go along with a previous post of mine:

What: 7 Deadly Sins Charms
How much: A steal (no pun intended) at only $3 each!
Where: Here.

Happy shopping!

(And yes, I would wear one. I'm thinking about ordering the "Vanity" charm....)


Item of the Day - 02.27.08

Today I'm featuring a wonderful matted print of a photo I've had in my favorites for a long time. It's called Hidden Door:

What: 8 x 10 matted print by chicalookate
How much: $25.00 including shipping
Where: Here.

Happy shopping!


Win a Blogover!

What's a blogover, you ask? Well, I have no idea - I just made it up! My wonderfully talented friend, Amanda, has just started a little business giving people's blogs a makeover! She designs custom banners and backgrounds for those of us who are graphically challenged, or just don't have the time to come up with something on our own! She can design either the full she-bang for you, or just a simple banner. You can even include pictures! Prices range from $15 to $25. Here's a few examples of her great work:

Now here's the best part: In order to celebrate the opening of her store, and to promote the new business, she's running a contest through Tuesday, February 26. The winner will receive a complimentary Froggie Bloggie makeover! Just leave a comment (or 5!) on this post. Good luck, everyone, and thanks for supporting my friend!

Till next time,


Project Runway - Pics from Bryant Park 2008

This one's for my Project Runway pals.

The BIG SHOW was held this morning at Bryant Park! All five of the remaning designers (Rami, Christian, Chris, Sweet Pea, and Jillian) showed collections, though from these pictures, there seems to be a discrepancy in how many items each designer showed.

Also, click here to see videos of a couple of the designer's shows.

Enjoy, boys & girls!

Till next time,


Video Day!

This is a fun video of one of my friend's doggies, singing along with her senior recital tape. Apparently, he always feels the urge to join in when she starts to sing! Good for a chuckle. : )

Till next time,


Item of the Day 02.05.08

Today we have the cutest little baby bootees EVER!

What: Love Bird Bootees Size 1-6 by diddledumpling
How much: $23.00
Were: Here.
Happy shopping!


Cool Link Day!

Today I thought I would share with all of you a link to a website that will blow your mind! (Well, if your mind has appreciation for art and fashion. . .)

Seriously, click here. You won't regret it.

Till next time,


Item of the Day 01.28.08

Today we have an amazing red felt hat! I love love love this hat! (Anyone out there with $120 to spare want to buy me one?) : )

What: Adorable Cloche of Red by Boring Sidney
How much: $118
Where: Here.

This seller features many stylish and amazing hats in her shop, so be sure to browse around while you're there!

Happy shopping,