Making Progress...

Here are the "after" shots, as promised (I haven't hung any pictures yet, and there aren't any window treatments, but you get the idea):

The doggies approve!

The sitting room - adjacent and attached to the living room.

The living room looking into the sitting room.

The craft room. It's pink!

The stash! I saved the best for last. : )

Till next time,


  1. Wow, what a lovely place! I'm not sure I could do pink in my craft room, though, it would need to be a neutral color so I could take photographs for my blog :) hehe

    Did you guys do any of the painting or did it come all decked out and looking loverly?

  2. Wow what a great job!

    You have your mother's talent for creativity.
    You did a great job on the colors.
    Can't wait to see the place.

    Love Dad

  3. yay! it looks so pretty, seester! can i come craft in your craft room?

  4. Way to go! If you can't live near South Beach you can make your surroundings remind you of it. Those colors are great, and your decorating is very chic. I can just feel the sun shining in.
    I can tell you've been a very busy lady. Now maybe you need to stretch out on your chaise with the doggies and relax a little. You deserve it!
    Love you,
    Mom (NOT the one Dad says you got your creativity from, whoever she is!)

  5. absolutely gorgeous!! the colours, the clean tidy design to it. Love it! :)

  6. Very cool! I love how you set up the living room on the diagonal, I wish I had the right shaped room to do that. Mine is all long and narrow with a fireplace that makes changing the furniture around a real pain. I also adore the pink craft room!

  7. Ahhhh, a pink room. Happiness. My one pink room is about to go away for Mr. Levi. Oh well, I'm sure it will be repainted back to its girly color one of these days! I really like the green too!