Blogging from Home...

...due to the very lucky fact that my next-door neighbor (whose name is apparently Debra) has wi-fi! Yippee!

Progress unpacking and decorating is going well! Here's a couple of "before" pics for your entertainment:

The craft room - not the craft/guest room. Yay!

A very sad and brown living room (don't worry - it gets fabulous later!)

Till next time,


  1. I know this is a random question but what kind of dog do you have? I'm asking because it looks "exactly" like my dog and mine was supposed to be a chihuahua and Im thinking something is amiss about that. have been trying to figure out for the last year what mix he might be (the seller's won't reply to my question - hmmmm - wonder why?). Anyway, thanks!

  2. Jax is 1/2 chihuahua, 1/2 yorkie. Did you get yours from a breeder? I've heard of some sketchy breeders mixing in other things with chis because sometimes chis have problems giving birth...? Anyway, you got a sweetheart out of it, right?

  3. Ah, the new house! Let me just say, fellow readers, that this house is very groovy--SOOOOO much more character than the ticky-tacky thrown-up houses that blight Suburbia, USA, here in Fort Worth--giving one multiple, albeit identical, reasons to further loathe suburban sprawl.

    But not so with your new place, sis! It's very great, and I know everyone is going to love seeing the new pics. You've been working your tail off!