They Do. . .

This past week has been a whirl of activity, preparing for my oldest brother's wedding on Friday. Here's a shot of the happy couple:

Cutting the Cake

And what did I wear, you ask? Why, this:

6 yards of silk dupioni!

I designed it myself! I wanted a super-full skirt (over 300" inches at the circumference), with a satin cumberbund at the waist and neckline. The back slopes sharply from the neck to the small of the back, attaching to the cumberbund. Finished the whole thing off with these, this and a 10-inch black satin bow worn aside my parted, chignoned hair. Only about 4 days from start to finish - I was surprised I could pull it off without a pattern! I haven't worked with fabric in a long time. I may have to start doing it more often. . .hmmm. . .summer dresses, anyone?

Till next time,


  1. Beautiful dress!
    Where are the pics of you in the dress? You knew we were going to ask.

  2. you looked sooooo fabulous, seester! i had fun trailing along in your fabulousness!

  3. Sarah, we miss you, Gorgeous! Your new home looks like it's shaping up well. Like the green walls! :) It's starting to warm up down here--a gorgeous day at the beach today. Gotta get my vitamin D and knit fix with the toes in the sand. Hope all is well up there, sister. xo RT from PB Call, write or send a smoke signal!

  4. I am so impressed with that dress you dreamed up! I bet it looked gorgeous on you. Looks like your talent has definitely spilled out into other areas!