Win a Blogover!

What's a blogover, you ask? Well, I have no idea - I just made it up! My wonderfully talented friend, Amanda, has just started a little business giving people's blogs a makeover! She designs custom banners and backgrounds for those of us who are graphically challenged, or just don't have the time to come up with something on our own! She can design either the full she-bang for you, or just a simple banner. You can even include pictures! Prices range from $15 to $25. Here's a few examples of her great work:

Now here's the best part: In order to celebrate the opening of her store, and to promote the new business, she's running a contest through Tuesday, February 26. The winner will receive a complimentary Froggie Bloggie makeover! Just leave a comment (or 5!) on this post. Good luck, everyone, and thanks for supporting my friend!

Till next time,


  1. Thanks for the great contest tip Sarah!

  2. Sarah~

    YAY! You won a header!! I'm so glad you were one of the names I drew...especially after the shout out you put on your page for me!! I know you sent me the style that you liked, but if you could let me know a couple more things, that would help me get started!

    You can e-mail me at froggiebloggie@sbcglobal.net with the following:

    * Blog Title and Wording
    * Color Choices
    * How many frames you want for

    I'll look forward to hearing from you!