Free Pattern Day - Profane Golf Club Covers!

As promised, here's the next free pattern up for grabs!

thanks to BumbleBeas for the kind use of this photo!

For golfers with a sense of humor, this set of covers will not only keep your clubs cozy, they'll give your foursome a good chuckle, too! Includes charts for #, @, !, * and %.

Get the free PDF here.

Till next time (and don't worry, there's more to come),

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  1. Hi Sara -- I am a beginner knitter and am making the Egyptian Staircase patterned golf club covers. The question I have is this: I have knitted the 6 inches of the rib and am starting to purl the one row before I begin the staircase pattern. When I purl the row with the beige yarn, do I carry the pink yarn through the entire row and then begin the pattern? Thanks for your help!