Heaving a Big Sigh of Relief. . .

My quilts are finished!

Yes, friends, the long journey to make 240 quilts for Royal Family Kids' Camps is finally over. (Or at least, on a break!)

Here's a few shots of the finished quilts:

The boys

The girls

Unfortunately, because of the camps' strict privacy rules, I can't show pictures of the happy children with their new quilts. But rest assured, there were some very, very happy children!

I have quite a bit of quilt-makings left over, so I plan to make some more for these camps at some point. For now, though, I'm taking a break!

Till next time,


  1. uh.... you made 240 quilts?!!!! You Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How long have you been quilting? How did you learn? I am trying to teach myself to sew and thought I would try a small quilt.

  2. Wow. That is impressive. Thiose kids are going to have a wonderful quilt and memory to take with them.

  3. Incredible! I can see their sweet little faces the way they always are with a new, precious belonging. :)

  4. Way to go, sis. I know you had a lot of help (and some from weird sources!), but this was your vision and your determination and resourcefulness really brought it to completion. You deserve a big pat on the back. We're proud of you!

  5. Holy Carp! That's an amazing accomplishment. Very cool! :)

  6. Go you! I love this camp. I helped out for 10 years and have been unable to for the last 2 years. I'm sad about that. I was a counselor for the first camp that was in Oregon (there are now a whole summer's full here) and then I'v helped with registration and Breakfast Club. I've seen the kids' faces when they get something special like this and it is priceless. I've watched kids grow up and seen them change for the better--year after year. I've seen the foster parents change, too. It's a wonderful thing.
    I'm so pleased you did this. I may have to see about possibly organizing something similar for my camp. :)

  7. way to go seester! we are all so proud of you for all the time and love you put into this project. i know you have blessed all those kids so much, and brought glory to God with this. love you!

  8. WOW!!!! What a wonderful collection of quilts you are donating. You are a very giving person and will make a difference in so many lives. Thank you.