Mail Goodies from My Seester!

Looky, looky:

Tiny giraffes!

My wonderful Seester sent me these great giraffe stitch markers in the mail this week! She had them specially made for me by weeones, who has great stuff in her store! If you haven't been there yet, you should totally go. She will even do custom stitch markers of your pets if you send her a photo! How great is that?!

Not only did I receive these super-cute giraffes, but I also received the summer issue of Creative Knitting! See, Seester and I decided that, since we lived so far away from each other but share some of the same interests, we would do a magazine swap! We each subscribe to one crafty magazine that the other would like to read; she subscribes to CK and I subscribe to Crochet! (I must say, I think she's getting the better end of the deal, this years' CK's haven't been very good.) Anyhoo, so we read the magazine, and put in all kinds of fun stickies about the things we find interesting, or hideous, and send it on to the other person! So far there has been more than once where the entertaining stickies have made up for the lack of interesting patterns, but I digress. Thanks, Seester, for these awesome goodies! : )

BTW, I know I haven't been around lately. I've been knitting like a crazy woman on a Marnie Maclean design for SDS, and I've also been just too afraid to venture into my husband's mountain of paper he calls an office to hunt for the laptop. Wish me luck on buying my own, soon!

Till next time,


PS - As if weeones wasn't enough, here's another interesting store to stop by! I bought one of these a few days ago - cuteness!

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  1. Cute giraffes! The mag swap sounds like a great idea - just wish I knew some suitably crafy people IRL, lol :)