Surf's Up!

Yes, Florida is amazing!

Quite possibly the best photos I've ever taken in my life! And quite almost the last...these were taken with a disposable water camera as my friend whizzed by on waves mere inches away from my head. While I was standing chest-deep in water. All in all, I am extraordinarily proud of these shots. But just to prove that I'm not getting a big head, here's a photo I took of my friend in the car later that same day:

Ah, well. They can't all be good ones.

Later that same day, we drove past a woman walking down the street with a humongous rat on her shoulder! Random weirdness.

Oh, and here's a picture my friend took of me, because I know you are all wondering if I really can surf:

Yes, I really can. : )

Till next time,


  1. How fun! You can never get too big of a head when it comes to photography because I still have a copy of the Disney World random guy and half of me.

  2. Yeah, that Disney pic is one for the books...but at least you made it in the photo a little bit! I managed to completely miss Laury in that shot above...

  3. i'll have to send you this one that i took at disney in front of buzz lightyear where this guy walked right in front of the camera as i pushed the button. background: smiling jonjon and bubby, foreground: big random walking guy. his expression is hilarious!

  4. Wow! What great photos! You and Laury look as if you're having sooo much fun. btw, maybe jenni=) will post her great photo on their blog...

  5. When Dad and I first watched "Gidget Goes Hawaiian" 40+ years ago we never imagined our own daughter as a surf bum(ette?)! Looks just as cool, tho'...
    Landlubber Mom

  6. "Schweeet!!!"---courtesty of little Noah as taught by his uncle Matty, to be used when viewing something that is awesome.


  7. Yay! The first comment posted by Dad!!!!