4 down, 196 to go...

All in all, quilting for Quilts for Campers is going smashingly! I have been sewing nearly every night for two hours, and progress is being made! Although I only have four finished quilts at this time, I feel confident that they will all be completed in time for the June camps. Here's the first one:

Isn't it pretty?

And here's the huge stack of fabric, waiting to be cut into squares...

Keep praying for me, everyone! And to those of you who have helped in so many ways, thank you!

Till next time,


  1. The first one's beautiful! What a sweet thing for you to do, spending all those hours for the kids. I hope it continues to go well!

  2. hooray for you! you're doing a fabulous job! i wish i were there to help in some way, but i don't know anything about quilting, so i don't really know what i would do anyway....

    love ya, seester!

  3. How wonderful, I was so excited when you talked about Royal Family, I miss that ministry. Can't wait to see you this summer!!