It's true: I've been feeling very uninspired design-wise lately. Other than making a whoooooooole bunch of jewelry for my new Etsy shop, I haven't been feeling the love. Oh, don't get me wrong, there's been lots of knitting going on, and in fact I have designed something in the last week or so, but right now I just want to KNIT. At the moment, I'm working on Goddess, which is about 99% done - just have a few inches of trim left! I'm working it up in doubled laceweight cashmere, and let me tell you: never in all my years of knitting have I ever seen two balls of yarn get more tangled! Lucky for me, I was able to recruit a helper:

Real men untangle knots.

Yup, the Dr. thinks knots are his thing. Me? I was so frustrated with the stuff I let him at it. And you know what? He got it untangled! What a good hubby!

I'm concentrating on finishing Goddess before I start anything else. . .which really should be something for the shop, since I haven't turned in anything in awhile, but like I said: uninspired! Maybe I'll work on that beaded shawl with the laceweight Malabrigo; I had it about 50% finished when I realized I was using too much yarn, so, rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrip! Ugh. Wish me luck! And inspiration!

Till next time,

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