A Flock of Frickin' Photos

Okay, so it's been awhile since I posted anything actually worth looking at. And I've been lazy about the PR updates, too. Sue me. Bravo has a website if you want updates, people! ; ) Actually, I got disinterested about posting on the weekly shows as soon as the Olympus Fashion Week photos came out.

But today! Today we have pictures. Crafty-related pictures, no less! But first, I bring you:

Excitement at the workplace!

Those are my coworkers huddled in the bottom righthand corner of the photo. Yes, last week there was a fire in one of the elevator shafts, prompting the evacuation of our entire, 14-story building. Good times, family fun.

And speaking of family fun. . .

Okay, that one's for my lady friends out there.

I was trying to take a photo of the firemen surrounded by a bevy of females, but this is what I got instead. To prove I am not making this up, here's a shot of said group of women walking away:

See? Not lying. There they go!

I'm infamously bad at framing photos. Once, I actually took a picture of one of my friends and her sister in front of a ride at Disney World...well, I tried to, anyway. What she actually wound up with is a nice photo of a 20-something guy in front of the ride at Disney...you could barely see part of my friend's arm at the edge of the photo. (Remember that, Courtney?) I am working on my photography skills, though:

See? Nice and artsy.

I did have an interesting shot of a couple dozen people standing around in the parking garage, waiting for the all clear, but it was too dark to post.

On to the craftyness! I've been productive in my absence:

Pillows for Laury's new house!

Allrighty, that's it for now. Really.

Till next time,


  1. I still have that picture. It's a classic. The oblivious guy has no idea that under the clever ruse of photographing a friend, he is being shot by a total stranger in front of Pirates. Pretty funny stuff! They say one of the keys to being a great photographer is throwing away all your bad pictures. Sorry, that one's not going anywhere.

  2. aren't you just thrilled that now there are digital camera's so you don't find out a week later that all your pictures are cruddy!

    nifty stuff, sees!

    hooray for pictures of laury!

  3. THANK YOU! I'm sure I could have come up with something, but I'm so glad you posted the guitar strap pattern! Your's is the only crochet one I could find. (I bought my daughter an electric guitar today for her b-day tomorrow) Yes.... I should have planned it out, lol !
    Love your blog, and the fireman pics!lol!
    Thanx again!