Sea World, Magic and Knitting

Trainers in Training!

Jonathan surprised me last weekend with a fabulous trip to Sea World in Orlando! We had a great time (Sea World is officially WAY fun), even though it was frigidly cold. Well, frigidly cold for Florida, at least. Our favorite attractions were looking at the jellyfish and their microscopic babies, and these:

A Leafy Sea Dragon!

One of the reasons I love going to zoo-like places is that inevitably I get to see an animal that not only have I never seen before, but also never even knew existed! These are particularly fascinating in person; they look like floating plants until they start to move their necks or curl their tails! God is so cool to have made so many unusual creatures for us to enjoy. . .even the ones that live in the depths of the ocean!

Also this past weekend, Jonathan treated us to front row seats at the Magic/Knicks game! Unfortunately the only player either one of us recognized was Grant Hill, who was seated on the sidelines due to injury. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, guess who forgot to put the camera in his cargo pocket before going into the stadium? So this is the only shot I have:

Smile, bald dude!

Even just a few rows away from the court, I couldn't get a good shot of the players from my cell phone camera. Oh, well!

For those of you who are not my family and are wondering why this blog has the title of "not a yarn snob" when I seemingly post and talk about only my family, never fear! Much knitting has occurred in the last few weeks. I do have a few FO's to share, as well as some new projects on the horizon, and hopefully these will be getting posted about in the next few days! One of my FO's is the Absorba bathmat from Mason-Dixon's book in a lovely blue colorway; I plan to knit up some matching dishtowels and maybe even (gasp!) a few dishcloths to boot! Also, Kailey's pinwheel sweater is finished, and I do have photos to share, but out of consideration for her mommy, I am waiting until I mail it to post about that. Hmmm, what else? Oh yes, I have decided to destash myself by joining Knit For Kids...I sorted out all my yarn into groups for this and discovered I should be able to make at least 15 sweaters! The first one is almost finished... Also, I've decided to treat myself to this in a lovely turquoise cashmere. (Three-quarter sleeves, of course! It is Florida, after all!)

Well, I suppose that's it for now! Keep your eyes peeled for a few *surprises* after V-Day!

Till next time,


  1. The picture of that Pinwheel Sweater in your sidebar is so cool I think I want one. Cute for kids, though!

  2. Thanks for talking up Sea World! I have been trying to interest Dad in going there for years, but you know how hard that is when DW is nearby. So now I can let him see how much you enjoyed it and maybe I'll have a chance.
    BTW, you have a very nice hubby!
    Hugs to both of you!
    (Did any stray basketballs come your way?)
    That is a cute sweater--looks hard!