The Knitter's Tool Tins are here!

Several months ago, a very thoughtful friend of mine, knowing how much I love bacon, gave me a tin full of bacon-flavored gum:

 It was every bit as nasty as it sounds.

Let's just say that the gum was thrown out. The tin, however, found itself a constant companion of my knitting project bags. In it, I put some needles, stitch markers, a stitch holder, a pair of scissors, a tape measure - all the little things I always want in my project bag but somehow, forget to add. This went over spectacularly well, and I found myself scouring my local shops for more tins, because let's face it: I have more than one project bag, you know? After awhile, I got to thinking: I bet other knitters would find these useful, too. In fact, I bet I could even theme some up just for knitters!

So, I did.

On Saturday, I opened my new shop, The Sexy Knitter. Introducing: The Knitter's Tool Tins! Everything you need for your project bag, in one convenient tin.

So much cuter than that other Knitter's Kit! ;)

I'm offering 12 choices of knitting-themed tins - you can even add your own custom photo or screenname/avatar combo! The tins are just $20,  and include the following items:

• White metal tin (silver inside) measuring 3 3/4 in/9.38 cm long, 2 3/8 in/5.95 cm wide, 3/4 in/1.88 cm deep – same size as an Altoid tin

• 1 Stitch holder measuring 2 1/2 in/6.25 cm long

• 1 Cable needle measuring approximately 2 in/5 cm long

• 1 Double ended crochet hook measuring 2 1/2 in/6.25 cm long

• 5 handmade, folded paper star stitch markers to fit up to US 8 needles (these are surprisingly durable!)

• 1 Retractable measuring tape – measures up to 60 in/150 cm

• 1 pair Puppy Snips scissors measuring 1 7/8 in/4.69 cm tall

• 1 large eyed, blunt needle

• 1 large eyed, sharp needle

• 1 sewing needle

Here's a little sampling of the choices. Come visit the shop to see the rest!

For a limited time, you can get 15% off your order with the coupon code, "grandopening". I've already sold 7 tins; the next 5 will get an extra 5 stitch markers, FREE!

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