Harry Potter, and other randomness

The Dr. and I watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for the eleventy-millionth time last night, and for some reason this particularly caught my eye:

I think I need one.

Also, you know the part at the end where Harry tricks Lucius into freeing Dobby, and Lucius gets so outraged that he whips out his (super awesome) wand and makes like he's going to curse Harry? Yeah....listen closely to that next time. Right before Dobby goes all Yoda on his ass, Lucius manages to utter one single word: "Avada". Yup, it's there, and for whatever reason last night was the first time we caught it.

And in other Harry Potter news, I know I'm the last one to the party, but LOOK WHO PLAYS CEDRIC DIGGORY:

I knew he looked familiar!

Well, that's pretty much all I had to say. If anyone knows of a good pattern for the plaid hat McGonagall is wearing above, or a source for quality, plaid wool felt, let me know! And in the meantime, check out this gal's fabulous collection of Harry Potter-inspired fashion sets on Polyvore! They're pretty great.

New video coming soon! And, I'll have something to give away!


  1. that's pretty funny about your connecting the dots with Cedric....I never say any of the Twighlight shows but when his face started appearing everywhere I was all" That's Cedric".

    I love all your HP randomness and I am always looking for knits from movies. HP created a lot of them.

    Good luck with you hat!

  2. I have always loved Professor McGonagall's outfits, and often want to make them. I think this hat would be easy to make. It's basically a peaked hunting cap. I would measure the circumference of your head + 1 inch (seam allowance). Cut two triangles with bases that together add up to your number. Draw out the front flaps, making them deeper in front and back than on the sides, remembering that the edge to be sewn should again be 1/2 your head's circumference. Lastly, make the side flaps whatever size you wish. Make a liner that is just slightly smaller than your original cap. Make it out of paper first (newspaper works great) and then cut and sew! To give the edges and flaps stiffness, use a heavy fusible interfacing......Do it!!! I want to make her dresses....

  3. Oh yeah and remember to notch the edges of the flaps so that they curve nicely along the cap's edge!