Deliciousness: Carrot Raisin Macadamia Whoopie Pies!

Oh my word, you guys, these have so many yummy things in them! Not only do they have all the traditional goodness that you expect a carrot cake to have, but they also have macadamia nuts, raisins, oats, and the most creamy, delicious cream cheese frosting you've ever had on a cookie.

These are all mine, baby. Where's yours?

Granted, there are  kind of a lot of steps here because of the massive number of ingredients. You'll be chopping nuts, grating carrots, creaming sugar, and digging through your spice cabinet (or in my case, making a special trip to the market) for things like ground cloves, nutmeg and ginger. If your go-to cookie recipes usually just have butter, sugar, flour, vanilla, and a couple of eggs, this will be a change for you, but take it from me: these gems are worth the effort. For your trouble, you'll be rewarded with moist, chewy cookies slathered in tangy frosting that you'll have a hard time not eating by the spoonful right out of the bowl. 

Lookit all the goodies!

I made these cookies by following this recipe, and I followed it to a T, down to the size of the cookie scoop, reduced oven temperature, and cooking time. The only thing I'd say needs to be changed is the amount of cream cheese frosting, because only one batch isn't nearly enough to cover all these cookies! If you like frosting as much as I do, you'll want to double up.

This recipe makes a ton of cookies, so they're great for taking to a party, or, you know, just eating all by yourself. Either way! No judgments here - promise.


  1. Not fair! Your link goes to an Etsy shop, not a recipe.

  2. Oooh, those look amazing!! and cream cheese frosting, I can't get enough of that. These look totally worth the effort.

  3. Hi Sarah! I'm cravin' these cookies now...may have to whip up a batch this week. Thanks so much for the kind mention and for visiting my blog too. I'm going to check out your beautiful work on etsy...

    Have a great week! :)

  4. Oh, good! They really look yummy, and they have carrots and raisins, so they're healthy, right?

  5. Thanks so much for posting this recipe! They were unbelievably easy to make, and my family swooned over them. I made mine with coconut instead of raisins, and they were amazing. I also used the WW flour, per the original recipe and you couldn't even tell it was in there. YUM! Thanks so much, Sarah!