Capelet Giveaway Extravaganza!

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The Winter issue of Knitcircus came out today, and features not only a video where yours truly will teach you how to work I-cord and applied I-cord, but also features a little design of mine, the Priscilla Vintage Capelet!

Texture, short rows and an I-cord edging complete this look. Also, isn't my beagle cute?

This capelet was inspired by an antique stitch pattern book; I selected a dainty border that was originally intended to be worked on minuscule needles and crochet thread, and turned it into a big fashion statement! Seen here in America's Alpaca Blend DK held doubled throughout, the capelet whips up in a jiffy when worked on Size 8/5 mm needles! You've still got plenty of time to knit one before the holidays, so I thought I'd help you towards that end. That's right, kids, it's GIVEAWAY TIME!!!

America's Alpaca was gracious enough to sponsor the giveaway with enough yarn to work the capelet, but that's not all! I also have a lovely project bag from RudDawg, some handmade point protectors from Kusala Knitworks, a pair of Signature Needles, and a copy of the Winter Pattern Collection from Knitcircus!

So here are all the goodies:

That's 1320 yards of luxury, a fabulous project bag, and an entire SET of point protectors!

The project bag is a Medium KIP bag from one of my very favorite project bag makers on Etsy: RudDawg. I have two of her Small KIP bags that I use absolutely all the time, which are great for socks and other small-to-medium-ish projects. Brenda's bags are made out of high-quality cotton, they have a nice fleece base the bag can stand on, and they are fully lined with about a jillion pockets inside (seriously). They also close with a double drawstring, which I generally prefer to zippers, since I'm the klutzy type that always manages to snag my yarn in the zipper. With the small bags priced at just $9.50 and the mediums at $15-$17, they're some of the most affordable bags I've found. And as if that's not enough, she even has a clearance section, where you can often snag the small bags for about $6.50. This one's big enough to fit all 6 skeins of yarn with a tiny bit of room left over!

Fabulous custom point protectors and YARN!!

I was really excited when Jennifer offered up a set of her custom wine-cork point protectors, because how perfect are these going to be with the razor-sharp Signature Needles? Perfect, that's how. It was also Jennifer's idea for me to find a needle sponsor, so thank her for my contacting Signature! Definitely go check out her Etsy shop, because she has many other cute things, including LEGO stitch markers!

This yarn was a real delight to work with; it's the perfect blend of 70% alpaca and 30% merino, with a nice tight twist so your knitting doesn't get a weird halo to it. It was a great pairing for the textural quality of the stitch pattern in the capelet! These skeins come in put-ups of 220 yards per ball and retail for $14.00 each; they come in 4 colors and can be purchased directly from America's Alpaca.

Signature Needles! THE knitting needle.

The winner of this giveaway will also receive a pair of size 8/5 mm needle from Signature Needle Arts, in 14" straight needles with their their choice of point and cap or a 32" circular needle. Seriously, every person I have ever known who has tried these needles says they're unlike anything they've ever worked with before, and tells me very earnestly that if they could afford to switch ALL their needles for these, they'd do it in a heartbeat. That's some pretty convincing advertising, right there!

So, you probably want to know how to enter the giveaway, amiright? Well, first go and queue up the pattern on Ravelry. Hey, this giveaway is all about my pattern, and if you win you'll have everything you need to make it, so you might as well put it in your queue, right? Then, I think it would be nice to thank all of our sponsors in the comments, so come back here and leave a comment with any one of the following (you don't have to answer them all!!):
  • Your favorite pattern from this issue of Knitcircus OR
  • Your favorite project bag in RudDawg's store OR
  • Which item you find most covetable in Kusala Knitworks' shop OR
  • Which needle you'd choose from Signature if you were to win, OR
  • Your dream order from America's Alpaca
I'll leave the comments open until midnight, Central US time on Black Friday, November 25th. The winner (one winner takes it all!) will be chosen by the Random Number Generator and announced, um...well, I would tell you when I'll announce it, but honestly every time I do that I never seem to get around to it, so let's just say I'll announce it as soon as I can. I'll be traveling until the 27th (the Dr. and I are going to WY for Thanksgiving!) so it'll probably be the 28th.

Want your Etsy Mini in this spot? Click here!

SexyKnitter readers get 20% off 579Jewelry with coupon code "sexyfans"!


  1. From nightofagypsimoon on ravelry:

    I think my favorite knitcircus pattern is your of course! I have been wanting to do a caplet for a while :D
    My favorite project bag from RudDawg's store is KIP Small Drawstring Knitting Bag Blossoms. I just love the blossoms :D
    I find the Lacy Feminine Head Kerchief most covetable in Kusala Knitworks' shop, I love working with lace patterns.
    If I were to win I will pick the spiral tip and stilleto tip needle, I tried them once and I was in love with them.

  2. I'd definitely take the circular signature needles - I hear so much about signatures I'd love to try them. As for pattern, I love the Valle di Susa wrap.

  3. Oh, I love the knit pirates bag!

  4. What a beautiful pattern and everything else as well!!

    I would definitely take the circular knitting needles...I've been dreaming of Signature Needles for well over a year.
    My favorite project bag is KIP Bag Small Sock Knitting Project Bag Parasols by far!
    And, I'm torn between the lego head stitch markers and the Chinese Lantern stitch markers. Although, I think the Chinese Lantern stitch markers would be fantastic in combination with the Parasol bag.

  5. Hooboy, how I love those lego head stitch markers!

  6. I would totally choose the circulars. LOVE my signature needles.

    LOVE The pattern!! OMGOSH!!! Is it tough for a beginner? Maybe I'll tackle it after the shawletter and use some silk thread I have for a winter/spring deep south cape. :)

    The bags are super cute! May pick out a couple and email them to family as a christmas wish. I love the Blossoms and Blood Drops. :)

  7. woh! amazing...congrats on the design and my fave pattern from the new knitcircus is Sandrilene I have a thing for open cardis :) raineoc@yahoo.com

  8. I love the effervescence small kip bag from ruddawg brenda is my go to bad gal for all my swaps. vbarton24 at gmail dot com

  9. lotsofhermies on Rav

    I have favorited your cape on Rav my 13 yr old wants one.I love the French Roast sweater in Knitcircus. I am drolling over the small sock bag in Effervescence from ruddawg. I love the Green and Blue lego head stitch markers from Kusala Knitworks shop(I would have to hide them from my 11 yr old son who loves his lego guys). I prefer circular needles. A pile of alpaca yarn in dk weight would be perfect to squish I love the natural browns.

  10. I luved the mag and the dream shopping.
    Which pattern do I like best from KnitCircus? Of course yours rawks! I would choose it and the one on the cover for a backup.
    The flower trail pattern is my fave but the autumn jewels is loverly. Hard to choose but I would choose the flower trail.
    The Pearl and Swirl markers are lovely. I'll send Santa the link to add to my looong wish list.
    My dream order from Americas Alpaca??
    The Peruvian Sock Variety Package AND
    5 or 9 or 15 skeins of bulky yarn in every color AND
    Several woven bags in various sizes. They look interesting and would come in handy.
    And....as long as I'm dreaming.....the Cherokee alpaca throw looks yumalicous..so I want several of those too AND several of the blankets woven at Pendleton Mills. ;-]
    I'm finished dreaming and can get back to knitting.

  11. LOVE the capelet pattern!! Would definitely choose a size 6 needle, if I could, since I always seem to be a pair short! Off to Ravelry (I'm EditorABC) to give some love to this project :)

  12. LOVE the capelet and can't tell you how much I would love to win this prize. Your sponsors have been SOOOO generous...so I'll answer all your questions!

    1. Though I love your pattern and will definately be making this someday (hopefully sooner than later), I also really like Ripen and the Confection Hat. You should be proud to be included in such a great collection!

    2. I've never used a project bag before and tend to leave my projects laying around... not good with a two year old in the house. I haven't had a mishap yet but I'm sure the Misfit Small KIP Bag from RudDawg would be a wise investment...

    3. An easy choice with Kusala Knitwork's shop... LOVE the Kids Cowboy Felted Holster Set Pattern. My son loves to pretend he is "Woody"... this just might be the perfect knit stocking stuffer I was looking for.

    4. As a circular needle fan I would choose the size 8/5 mm 32" circular needle.... Stilleto please! Already added some to my Christmas wish list....

    5. As far as America's Alpaca... when I dream I dream big. I'd go for the Trigo De Otono / Alpaca Blanket Project. Who WOULDN'T want to snuggle up with that on a cold evening in the midwest. LOVE!

    Wishing everyone the best... what a great prize! (Pick me, Pick me!!!)

  13. So many gorgeous bags! I think Effervescence is my favorite: http://www.etsy.com/listing/85900728/kip-small-sock-knitting-project-bag

    And Kulsala's shop is a lot of fun -- I love the apple cozy and the embroidered camel armwarmers.

    And Knitcircus does it again! That cardigan on the cover, French Roast, is stunning. Sandrilene? Be still my heart. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    knittingwithwords on Ravelry

  14. The capelet is fabulous. Love it!

    My favorite project from Knit Circus, this time around, is Sandrilene. It's the yellow, I think.

    I have one project bag that I use for my sock knitting. I love the KIP Bag Small Sock Knitting Project Bag Cupcakes.

    I love Kusala...I love her stitch markers. My favorites are the Pirate Stitch Markers.

    If I had to choose a needle, if I won...size 8/5 mm 32" circular needle.

    And for America's Alpaca...any of their yarn would do, but I really like their Extreme Boot Socks. Yummy!

  15. What a fantastic giveaway! :)

    I really like your capelet and my other fave in the Knitcircus edition are the Riffle gloves by Anna Dalvi. As for Signature needles, I've been oogling thjem forever and would love to try circular needles, as this is all I use.


  16. What a fabulous giveaway! What wonderful sponsors!!

    My favorite pattern from this issue of Knit Circus? It's a 3-way tie between your Priscilla Vintage Capelet (perfect for Houston winters where it may be 30* in the morning and 65* by noon!), Riffle (mesmerizing!) and Peleology (cables + socks = infatuation!)

    Alpaca is probably my favorite fiber to knit & wear & spin & wrap up in. . . . I think it's safe to say that my "Dream Wish List" from America's Alpaca would be one of everything!

    You can find me on Ravelry as PrincessMommie

  17. Fabulous!

    This issue of Knitcircus is filled with great patterns and article, but I have been wanting some patterned gloves, so I particularly love the Riffle gloves. Like Corinne, I only use circs and have been coveting the Signature needles!

    Rav ID: pipnmilly

  18. I would love some Signature circulars! I have been eyeing those needles for a while :)

    Thanks for another great contest!

    Rav ID: TripletMom

  19. I would totally choose the 32" circular Signature circular, I've been coveting the ladies who have them at our knitting group! Rav ID: tinkcool

  20. What an awesome prize, thank you! Your capelte looks beautiful, it is my favorite pattern in Knitcircus. I also enjoyed watching your i cord video right in the mag.

    Rav ID: scarlette

  21. Oh goodness... this IS the giveaway to end all giveaways... WOW. Gorgeous!!

    In addition to your lovely pattern, I also love the Icy Rivulet Shawl in Knitcircus, also beautiful. For these two patterns alone, I need a copy of this issue!

    Also, those cork point protectors? Are FABULOUS. And Signature circs? I'm drooling over here, Sarah! :-)

    Brynna (brynna42 on Rav) <3

  22. Loves2Dance on Ravelry.

    I would love the Signature straight needles.

    My favourite pattern in Knitcircus, other than your capelet is the Ripen Shawl.

    My favourite on yarn would be the 10-pack Hand Knitting Alpaca Blend DK Yarn.

  23. I've got 2 favorite patterns in the new Knitcircus magazine: your pattern (no kidding!) and the Riffle gloves. I also have to add the Ripen shawl because of the great lace border.
    I never tried Signature needles, but heard so many nice things that I'd like to try them all! But I'll pick some circular ones, as I like to knit with circular, even for flat knitting.
    My dream order to America's Alpaca would be a 10-pack Handknitting 100% Alpaca Bulky Yarn (in brown or beige), for a cozy sweater.
    And I really like the Lego heads stitch markers from KusalaKnitworks (so funny) and the small project bag with white blossoms from ruddawg (so cheerful).
    I'm crossing my fingers to be the winner of this incredible giveaway!
    Thanks for organizing this...

  24. I love the Geometric fabric in Rud Dawg's KIP bag! http://www.etsy.com/listing/84722936/kip-medium-project-bag-geometric
    Thanks for the opportunity to win! Such a HUGE giveaway!

  25. Ok, I've queued the pattern (so cute!) and I sincerely thank all the sponsors for their supreme generosity!! I have not tried the Signature needles (like I can afford that love!) but would probably get a size US 8 with stiletto tips, 24" cord, 5" needles. Yeah, I haven't thought about it or anything. The Alpaca company has some amazing looking yarn, too! The Extreme Alpaca Socks or the DK would be my first choice. It would be hard to choose but given the chance, I think I could narrow it down. Wow! what a giveaway...thanks!!!

  26. Signature size 8 32" circular needles definitely! I've been trying to figure out which ones to ask for for Christmas, anyway! Great pattern, Sarah, and congratulations on your designing success! Thank you for the opportunity to win such a wonderful give away.

  27. The cape is gorgeous and that little dog is awesome. I have been jonseing for a Signature circular ever since I found out about them. Stiletto point of course.

    But those Lego Head stitch markers? Those are freaking hysterical. I want several sets.

    vox8 on Ravelry

  28. I have queued your beautful pattern.

    My fav knit circus patter is Syrinx hat and cowl.
    In Rud Dawgs shop I like the Fabric Yarn Bowl bad Kitties 3.

    In Kusala Knitworks' shop I like the Button Tab Women's Beanie.

    The signature needles I would love is the 32" circular in the pointiest tip.

    From America's Alpaca I love the fleece lined chullo.

    Thanks, Debbie H
    gussek on Ravelry


  29. This capelet is fantastic! Great texture and shaping. My daughter will love it! And you can't ever go wrong with one of Brenda's Kip Bags. They are the handiest project bags I've come across and the fabrics she chooses to work with are fabulous!

  30. What a great giveaway! My favorite item in the Rud Dawg shop is the Simpson's fabric bowl. As far as Signature needles are concerned, I would definitely go with the circular needles.

    Rav Name: margaretknits

  31. What a gorgeous pattern, I thin you realyl nailed that classic vintage look, right down to the pom poms!! MI already have a tonne on my knitting plate so I won't enter myself in the giveaway, but I wanted to say congrats on such an awesome pattern!

  32. My dream order from America's Alpaca is the bulky alpaca yarn. I would love to knit up a sweater in bulky alpaca!

  33. I love the fabric yarn bowls in RudDawg's store. My favorite is the Victorian Pink. Thanks for the chance to win!

    greyowl (ravelry id)

  34. My favourite pattern is actually the Priscilla Vintage Capelet, its beautiful, I would love the chance to win this!

    Rosebob on Ravelry

  35. I love the KIP Medium Knitting Project Bag Folk Art from RudDawg's store!

  36. I'm not sure if I really have the patience to do a double-knit sweater in fingering weight, but for sheer fab, my favorite design from this issue of Knitcircus is the cherry cardigan!

  37. First of all, Sarah, I want to say congrats on your capelet pattern being published in the Knitcircus magazine! And then I'd like to say WOW to this incredible giveaway!!

    I went and looked at all the sponsors' sites, and there are so many wonderful items!

    1. From Knitcircus, I love the Ripen Shawl, and your capelet- it's so gorgeous, and caught my eye immediately when I browsed through the new patterns yesterday. Of course I have it queued :)

    2. From RudDwag's esty shop, I love the medium KIP bag in Autumn Jewels!

    3. The cork point protectors are great, but I also love the LEGO stitch markers as they remind me of my childhood and my LEGO house that I had!

    4. From Signature, I'd love to try a circular needle in either US 6 or 7 for knitting lace. Hmmm, must be wonderful :)

    5. And last but not least, my dream order from America's Alpaca would be several skeins of bulky Alpaca blend yarn in the rosegray colour.

    Good luck to everyone, and thanks again for a chance to win!
    Michaela/Knitmish on Ravelry

  38. I had your capelete already queued because my daughter requested one and I thought it was perfect. As far as the other, I had not been introduced to RudDawg before and found a gorgeous small drawstring bag in "Victorian Wallpaper" (http://www.etsy.com/listing/79692343/kip-small-drawstring-knitting-bag) that I will not so subtly be hinting to my husband about tonight.

  39. Thanks to all the sponsors! What a great giveaway!

    I really like the French Roast Cardi from this Knitcircus.

  40. Woohoo! Who doesn't love an extravaganza! My favorite pattern in the current Knitcircus is the Icy Rivulet Shawl. And I love the idea of stiletto knitting needles! Nothing says sexy like stilettos!
    Lindaran(on Rav)

  41. I am truly wild about your pattern...it is really cool! It is vintage enough to look good on this old lady...

    And, where have I been? I love, love those stiletto point needles!!!!

    Maybe I'll win...
    nhsarab at yahoo dot com
    nhsarab on Rav

  42. I love the French Roast Cardi and I have been drooling ovver Signature for a long time now! Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity, Sarah! I love you and your blog. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    MissMelissaZ on Rav

  43. I would be delighted to get whatever is going but I do so covet Autumns Splendor in the project bags. Such a splendid giveaway.

    Sisterrobinson on Ravelry.

  44. That is a super cute pattern! I love the alpaca roving and would have to pick the circular signature needles - I have been dreaming of buying a set!

  45. I really like your capelet pattern, I think I might actually be able to pull it off. Usually I am too busty for capelets. I also really like the Confection hat. (I am Girlymom on Rav.)

  46. Your capelet pattern and the Ripen shawl are my favorite patterns in Knit Circus. I have a RudDawg project bag, and I use it all of the time. I love it!

    katbetty on Ravelry

  47. I love your capelet! And riffle, that one is pretty too.

  48. Oh, I LOVE your capelet! My favorite RudDawg project bag is this one: http://www.etsy.com/listing/86501032/kip-medium-knitting-project-bag-black LOVE it!

    HermioneWeasley on Ravelry

  49. Love your caplet, but I like French Roast too. It's a sweater that my daughter would love to have for college.

    I own several of RudDawg's KIP bags and love them.

  50. Wow - awesome giveaway! I had so much fun going to all the sites and looking at what they had available - I feel like a kid making my Christmas list (and wishing Santa would bring me all of it)...Would love to try the Signature needles (I've heard great things about them) - probably size 8 for all the teacher scarves I make each year...

    WalkNKnit on Ravelry

  51. Ruddawg has some lovely bags! My favorite is the red brocade.

    MrsCollinHobbs on Ravelry

  52. Cool! A giveaway! Here goes -

    *Your favorite pattern from this issue of Knitcircus - Um, other than the awesome capelet, of course, I love the Confection Hat, and the French Roast Cardigan is pretty great too.

    *Your favorite project bag in RudDawg's store - For sure the medium project bag in black & red brocade. So kimono-ish.

    *Which item you find most covetable in Kusala Knitworks' shop - Hands down the pirate stitch markers. I love me some pirate stuff!

    * Which needle you'd choose from Signature if you were to win - I've been coveting Signatures for a long time now. Definitely the teardrop tops with the stiletto points. What's sexier than stilettos?

    * Your dream order from America's Alpaca - All the yarn they freakin' have! I love alpaca, and I love their natural colors.


    Shelley (MisKnitz on Rav)

  53. ok... so the cape is just gorgeous and if I won ... if would get the stiletto 32 inch circular needle from Signature, they are such a dream to knit with..keeping my fingers crossed!

  54. I LOVE Kusala's lego head stitch markers - so awesome!

    (zilliah on rav)

  55. What an amazing pattern and giveaway! My favorite pattern in this Knitcircus would have to be Komeeta- they look so cozy! But I love the capelet even more, especially because of the pom poms on the drawstrings!

    (I am KisforKrissy on Ravelry)

  56. What a great giveaway! The Bronze Maple Stole is really cute in the current KnitCircus. Thank you!

  57. What a generous giveaway! The RudDawg store has a bag in "starry batik" print--so beautiful.

    But I'd be happy to win anything any of these sponsors give--thank you everyone, just in case! :)

  58. My favorite item in RudDawg's shop would be the Fabric Yarn Bowl Knit Pirates, I love me a skull and cross-needles.
    KJo on Ravelry

  59. Wow what a giveaway!! Signature needles make me drool I'd go with any mid range size circ. needles with stiletto points.
    As for a pattern this issue of Knitcircus has so many, but I really like the French Roast.
    Rav ID Kamaor

  60. thanks for the great giveaway.
    project is in the que.
    I love the puppy dog bag from ruddog

    I'm squiggi on ravelry

  61. Wow, what a great giveaway ... Aside from the capelet, I've been interested in learning Tunisian Crochet so I'll probably queue up the loop scarf too. The RudDawg KIP bags are so great...I already fav'ed one for Santa to see...but I have to admit that I'm still laughing about the one in the Knitmare on Elm St fabric...hahaha what a great fabric find...I wish I could find a bolt of that somewhere (I just can't let Addie and Django see me laughing about it now that we have finally seemed to graduate from the "expensive yarn tastes soooo good" phase of canine development). And oh Signature Needles...what a lust-filled item. I've been longing to try them! And any order from America's Alpaca would need to include the small stuffed alpaca...so cute (and another learning opportunity for the dynamic duo).

  62. How generous! I love the Komeeta pattern in this issue of Knitcircus, and I'm NicoleS on Ravelry.

  63. French Roast Cardigan was love at first sight for me.

    affiknity at Ravelry

  64. I would love America's Alpaca roving the best, though I admit I wouldn't mind trying and using a pair of signature needles.

    The capelet looks so pretty. Could we do it in deep blue or purple?

  65. Your pattern is gorgeous! I placed it in my Rav queue, and I adore RudDawg's Autumn Jewels medium bag.

    - RowdyGirl on Rav

  66. I queued up your capelet on Rav because it is so pretty and I really want one! I think it's the nicest pattern in the winter issue of KnitCircus, though I also really like the French Roast sweater.

  67. Your Capelet pattern is my favorite pattern in KnitCircus magazine! I love everything in this give away! What an awesome treat!


  68. I really love all of the cable and lace patterns, but the Sandrilene cardi is totes adorbs! I think it's the super happy sunny yellow that does it :)

  69. I'd love a set of Signature DPN in size 2 or 3. I'm a super tight knitter on the smaller needles & would love to see if these would help!

  70. Kusala's bags are wonderful. I love the autumn jewels bag though the messenger bag is a close second...great idea!

    m a m a h o o v on Rav

  71. I have a few Knitcircus patterns queued but since I'm on a sweater spree, my first and favourite knit is the Verona Cardi.

  72. 1.Knitcircus- Kalmia
    2.Ruddaw- Small Drawing Knit Bag Blossoms
    4 Kusala- Camel Wool Beainie with Black Stripes
    5.America's Alpaca-Extreme Alpaca Socks.

    RareJewel on Ravelry.


  73. It's always hard to pick a favourite from Knitcircus but yours is definitely high on the list, along with Icy Rivulet, Sprite, and Riffle.
    Ruddawg's bags are cool - the small "Effervescence in black" is amazing.

    ilina on Rav

  74. Your favorite pattern from this issue of Knitcircus ORicey rivolet shawl

  75. Love the shawlette pattern of yours, the fact that the yarn is bigger makes the stitch patterns pop! I would take the circular needles, I have always been intrigued by Signatures!

  76. Love ruddawg bags, I have 3, got rid of my others! The capelet is beautiful, I love vintage inspired patterns!

  77. In this issue of Knitcircus I really liked Sprite, Sunslice and Rosebud - and of course your capelet! :) So glad they chose to print your photos, too!
    Those RudDawg bags are super cute - I liked that one with the knitting terms on it! :D
    I am in love with the Signature needles I own, but US8 straights are not a part of my collection, yet! ;)

  78. That pattern is gorgeous! Signature needles are the bomb diggety! I love their circulars. For the other shops I will have just 1 of everything. :D

  79. I'm drooling over those straight Signature needles! Congrats on your design in Knit Circus.

  80. Oh, what a great prize!

    If I could have any Signature needles, I'd have to go with a US size 1, stiletto point with a bell end. Really, I'd love it if they would carry circulars in teeny tiny sizes, but Signatures are such amazing needles I know I'd use any pair I had again and again.

    Love your capeleet & photos, too. So cute!

  81. wow, what a generous giveaway! I dream of owning a pair of signature circs in stiletto. @worldknits on twitter

  82. This is a really awesome prize.

    For the Signatures I would love circs with stiletto tips. Every time I think of buying them I say to myself you could do more with yarn than $45+ needles.

    I totally LOVE RudDawg's project bags. I have a couple. My favorite is one I snagged off the site a couple months ago- cranes on a purple background.

    Kamala on Rav

  83. zomgosh, the lego stitch markers! enough for me to knit with and my son to steal. i think he would add them to his lego zip line in the family room ;-)

    Jennifer QKW your fan ;-)

  84. Wow stuff! Neat drawing! I've been wanting to try those Signature needles forever... I think I'd get the straights because they're just so pretty! marusempai [at] gmail DOT com

  85. Oh I would love to win! I queued your pattern on Rav.

    For the Signatures, I'd love the 32" circs with stiletto tip and in size 6 or 7. That's the size I use the most.

    (goodstuff on Rav)

  86. I love the pattern! Queued it!
    I love the A Manga and Skull & Roses sock bags- I have a market bag made in skull and roses!
    I would pick the blunt tip and spiral cap- so pretty!

  87. What a giveaway!

    Pretty pattern now in queue. Love the beagle-ness :)

    I would choose stiletto points and spiral caps.

    And my fave RudDawg bags are the three I already own :)

  88. I love the medium Geometric bag, but the cows are so cute too, and the black and white design...They're all so cool!

    haywiremommy on ravelry

  89. I absolutely love your caplet ! The 'Where's Bart ?'project bag is brilliant and I just faint at the thought of some signature needles with stiletto points and bell ends, ....sigh... :)

    Roxyrana on Ravelry

  90. zinister on ravelryNovember 23, 2011 at 2:49 PM

    I have Scenes From a Manga project bag favorited in Etsy and on my Amazon Wish List. Waiting to see if I get it as a holiday present!

  91. Wow, amazing giveaway. I've queued your capelet.

    My two favorite patterns in Knitcircus are your Capelet and Ripen. And I would so love stiletto Signature circulars. Heard good things about them, but so expensive!

    Hazelly on Ravelry

  92. This pattern is so cute! My dream order from America's Alpaca would be several orders of all their colors of roving...oh and socks! So pretty!

  93. The capelet is gorgeous; the yarn is lovely. Who wouldn't want a medium bag? And a Signature circular needle is in my dreams.

  94. I like the fabric yarn bowl in butterflies from Ruddawg.
    I would choose the Signature stiletto circular needles.
    Very pretty pattern.

  95. Signature straights have been on my wish list forever, but i have to say my dream order from America's Alpaca would be enough natural alpaca to make matching sweaters for the entire family or at least hats and gloves in brown fawn and white!!!! AHHHH to be surrounded by ALPACA!!!

  96. I'd choose the 32" circulars in a size 5!

  97. I am from Scotland - may I still enter this generous giveaway? I like the Autumn Jewels project bag! The colours are beautiful!

    Rav ID: pastelito

  98. I love your pattern in Knit Circus, also see a couple of others of yours here that I want to knit.
    I would love to start my Signature needles collections with some circs in 5, 6, 7 or 8!
    I also really like the fabric yarn bowls from Ruddawg, what a cute idea.

  99. Love the pattern! Already have in queue because I get the knit circus pattern collection subscription!

  100. Really pretty! love the lego head stitch markers would go with my lego character box that holds all of my misc knitting supplies :)

    Such a pretty design and like the squirm pattern here :)

    katielgold on ravelry!

  101. This is a really cute pattern! I love RudDawg's small batik bag.

    wickedsharp on Ravelry.

  102. I want to make the Exothermal Vest for my husband. Thanks for the giveaway!

  103. From KnitCircus I love your capelet and the French Roast Cardi... as for the needles I'd love to have the 32" circular needles in either 4mm or 5mm size.
    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

    babyloveknit on Ravelry

  104. It's a tie between the duplicity cowl and the confection hat! Thanks for sharing, I had never seen the knitcircus magazine for some reason, but I really enjoyed it!!

  105. My favorite from this issue is the French Roast cardigan. Love its style.

    affiknity on Ravelry

  106. The Signature needles are amazing. A friend has them and adores them; the rest of our knitting group is very envious. The medium RudDawg project bag/cats is very cute,and ironic in that cats always get into the yarn. dpax on ravelry.

  107. Yay for the capelet, I especially like the edges! And why not put it into my queue, as if there isn't any more room there! LOL! Plenty of things on my wishlist to knit, including this one ;-)

    Have a nice day all! Ciao, Fleur (Fleurtje-Eliza on Ravelry)

  108. I love the KusalaKnitworks pirate stich markers, they're so cute. In fact, I may also have to put an order in for the lego men ones too!

    And now I'm off to check out your video, because I've never tried applied i-cord and I want to learn, it always looks so smart :)

  109. I would love to own a size 6 circular with a stiletto tip.

  110. It's probably stupid for an adult, but I fell intantly in love with the Lego head stitchmarkers - Kusala Knitworks.

    /Stickfia at Ravelry

  111. Would love to own regular point circs from Signature. And your cape is really cute--can see my daughter wearing it.

  112. Sweet mother! That's an amazing giveaway! Thanks so much for the change to win! I'd definitely choose the Signature 32" circs with a stiletto point! How exciting! kshiell on Rav

  113. Queued! Definitely Signature Circulars longer ones (I have all the smaller ones), the French Roast Cardi is scrumptious!

  114. rosebud because I love to knit hats and look for unique patterns. sparky136 on ralvery

  115. Ooh a giveaway of awesomeness! I am in love with those bags. Especially the retro cats one :D

    Isabeau / isabeautiful on rav / isabeau@usermail.com

  116. Good God, Sarah, you are too good to us! I love project bags - can't have enough of them. RudDawg's Wavelength is my favourite, for today.

  117. But it's not complete without a cute beagle! ;-)

    I guess the winner will have to make do, it is after all practically a suitcase of goodies. The 14" straights from Signature are the sexiest of the bunch IMHO. ♥

  118. Thanks for such a generous comp. I liked RudDawg's KIP Medium Project Bag Cat Breeds

  119. What a wonderful give-away and such a beautiful capelet! I'd love to try the Signature circular needles, as I've recently pretty much switched from straight to circulars for almost everything! Thank you!

  120. This comment has been removed by the author.

  121. I'm eager to try Signature and would opt for the 14" straights - the more to hold on to! LOL

  122. The Autumn Jewels medium project bag is stunning! I've queued up that pretty caplet as well.

    wendymc on ravelry

  123. Hi. What an awesome giveaway!
    I have never seen knitcircus magazine. Thanks for introducing me to it. I love your capelet and I also love the bronze cardigan. Great patterns throughout. I'll be bookmarking it.

    You can reach me
    Ravelry: jamlknitter
    e-mail: jamlrise@comcast.net

  124. This giveaway is awesome! Everything is beautiful. If I won, I would love the needles with a bell cap and middy point. So fun :)

  125. Queued did and done! That caplet is an adorable knit. =D

  126. I have Signature neeedles on my wish list!

    esea on Ravelry

  127. Fabulous giveaway! Thanks to you and your sponsors for the opportunity. Lego stitch markers in Kusala Knitworks' shop!! LOVE!! My boys would love. They may get added to my Christmas wish list as my Lego-crazed 13 year old keeps asking me what I want! Rav amchart

  128. I almost forgot to do this! But I squeeked in just under deadline :).

    DarrinDee over on Ravelry.

    -Well I of course love your capelet pattern but I would also pick the Confection Hat from Knitcircus.
    -From RudDawg I like the Cupcake KIP bag
    -From Kusala KnitWorks I love the Shades of Pearl Stitch Markers.
    -I own 2 signature needles, one dpn and one circular, so I want all the sizes I don't own!! :D

    I love this prize package and thanks so much to you and all the gracious donors for putting it together! I hope I'm the lucky one! ;)

  129. The Ruddawg medium KIP bags are adorable. I love the pockets in the lining. And they're very reasonably priced too. Thanks for showcasing them on your blog. I love all of your gorgeous designs! Bravo :)

  130. Q-ed up! That wrap looks super cozy.

    I went scrounging through ruddogs shop, and my favorite is definitely http://www.etsy.com/listing/86501032/kip-medium-knitting-project-bag-black. Put it in my shop faves =)

    E-mail : Lovexandxhate87@gmail.com

  131. The Soirée bag is definitely my favorite!

  132. I so love your patterns! I have this capelet queued! Your giveaways are awesome. I love all of these project bags. I am having a hard time choosing a fav!