Free glasses!

Yep, you read that right, and nope, I'm not running another giveaway! Right now on Coastal.com, you can get a pair of prescription glasses for free. Just pay shipping!

I snagged a pair of these Joseph Marc glasses in a brown tortoiseshell for $12. Regular price? $98

Geek chic!

I ordered my glasses on the 18th and they arrived five days later, on the 23rd. I have to say, I'm as pleased as punch with my purchase! I don't wear glasses that often but it's definitely nice to have an extra pair laying around; plus, I've been wanting a kind of nerdy-looking pair anyway.

Seriously, if you wear glasses you should definitely give Coastal a try, before they stop running this promo. Can't beat a pair of brand new, prescription glasses for under $15! ______________________________________________
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  1. Sadly, the code had expired by the time I tried to order! AWESOME that you got your glasses so cheaply, though!

  2. I've that in USA, glasses is very expensive (I'm French, here we have State Health insurance, so wearing glasses is not a problem, you pay, they reimburse) You look very nice ;)

  3. OK with my horrible vision my free pair was $74 - but let me tell you I spent over $400 last year on new glasses before insurance..post insurance still spent $200 because of the pricing horrors! So I am ultra pleased and can't wait for them to arrive. thanks!