Yarn Thing Designer Dinner Recap!

Whew! I've just returned from The National Needlarts Association's semiannual meetup for professionals in the industry, and what a trip it was! Later this week I'll be posting about some of the fabulous designers & yarnies I met for this first time, but today I wanted to tell you all about one of the most coveted events of the weekend: The Yarn Thing Designer Dinner, hosted by Marly Bird! If you haven't heard of Marly Bird yet, y'all seriously have to check out her website and podcast. Wherever Marly is, there's a party, and this weekend's soiree was no exception!
I won't bore you with loads of wordy details except to tell you that this party is an event for professional knit & crochet designers to get together and mingle, as well as receive tons of swag from generous sponsors! (You can see my video reviews of this event from last year here and here.) This year was a masquerade, and this group of creatives really went all out!

My getup. A bit hard to see in this photo, but my "mask" consisted of outrageous eye makeup in turquoise, green and purple, along with some shiny crystals on my face. I designed and sewed the dress as well, which is silk shantug. Johnny Depp graces my Mad Hatter fascinator, because let's face it: you can never go wrong with Johnny. Or anything purchased from Disney World, for that matter.

Great minds think alike! Annie Modesitt and I together formed the Tiny Hat Brigade.

Roomie photo! In the middle is Stacey Trock of FreshStitches sporting an owl mask, and on the right is Alex Tinsley of Dull Roar with a fabulous sequined-y getup!

This is Marly, doing her thing. Apparently her thing at that moment was scaring the crap out of me in the buffet line! It should be noted that she is basically on her knees in this photo. She is way tall like a supermodel! I am, uh, not.

Dinner buddies! My roomies and I, with Gwen Bortner, Edie Eckman, and my LYSO, Bex. Good times!

The swag! OMG you guys, the SWAG. There's about 15 skeins of yarn here, along with too many needles and notions to count, a Namaste needle case, and a couple of books. Wowie wow wow!

Sincerest thanks to all who decided to sponsor the event this year! Your generosity is astounding and you all went out of your way to make sure that each designer had a fantastic evening. We appreciate you!


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