Things You Need: Green Gables Knits by Joanna Johnson

Joanna hits it out of the park with patterns inspired by L.M. Montgomery's classic books.

My friend Joanna (of Phoebe's Sweater fame) decided last year to publish a sweet little book based around Anne of Green Gables. As a child of the 80s, I have a long and storied history with not only the 6 books, but also the made-for-TV movies. At my house, the Megan Follows movies reigned supreme; I generally preferred Anne of Avonlea to Green Gables, but both were watched overandoverandover with much love. Naturally, when I first heard from Joanna that she was planning a Green Gables book, I expressed so much enthusiasm over the idea that I was one of the first to receive a signed, bound copy.

The gorgeous photos alone are worth the cost of the book; mine is sitting on the coffee table!

I've been envious of natural redheads for as long as I can remember. Anne played a big part in creating this obsession, and I was always confounded that she was wishing away her beautiful auburn locks in exchange for Diana's raven ones. Since I wear the same raven curls as Diana, I was immediately drawn to the Diana's Hat pattern in the book. I reached for my needles and whipped one up in an afternoon and a half.

Leftover silk & llama yarn from my Fisherman Twist sweater make up the bottom portion...

...while blue alpaca adorns the crown.

I really enjoyed knitting this simple pattern, and am quite delighted with the results. The size is just right to accommodate my curls without being too large, and the extra-large circumference of the brim rests just perfectly on your head without giving you "hat hair" when the hat is removed.

If you're an Anne fan, like me, or just a fan of beautiful, wonderfully photographed knits, this book is a must have. And best of all, you can purchased a signed copy directly from Joanna for just $14.95.

Well done, Joanna! I'm hoping you'll consider a sequel...perhaps some knits inspired by Anne's days and acquaintances as a schoolteacher in Avonlea?

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