A rose by any other name. . .

Would probably be a "mose" or a "nose", if you are one of my callers.

I figured, since everyone else in the blog world is on a rant, I might as well vent a little, too.

While my job is not hard (answer the phone, sort the faxes and the mail, read other people's blogs, etc.) it is sometimes quite trying to talk to STUPID PEOPLE on the phone all day long. This is a conversation that's been repeated at least once a day for the last two weeks:

Me: "Okay, I'll give them your message."

Them: "Thanks. And what's your name?"

Me: "Sarah."

Them: "Tara?"

Me: "No. SAR-ah."

Them: "Kara?"

Me: "No. *hissing* Ssssssssssarah."

Them: "Is that with a T or a K?"

Me: (WTF?) "With an ESS. As in SARAH."

Them: *confused as hell* "Oh. Okay. . .thanks, Farrah."

Me: *cheerily* "You're welcome, Dick."


Me: "Oh, it's Rick? Sorry. . ."


  1. This made me LAUGH OUT LOUD. It is so priceless! Please, oh please tell me that you really did end the conversation like that. You deserve a gold star for it. Hee hee!

  2. Arghhh...at least it's not the attorneys...

  3. Becky - Let's just say a little creative license was taken there at the end. Other than that, I've had this conversation word for word several times; once with a gentleman who was IN THE OFFICE standing two feet in front of me. Idiot. I'd love to do standup comedy sometime. . . *grin*