Breaking the Silence

Yes, I realize it has been almost two weeks since my last post.

Yes, I realize I have not posted any photos of anything on two sticks in a very long time.

Unfortunately, it seems that everything I'm knitting these days is either for a gift or for publication, so I've been feeling severely limited as to what I can show here. Maybe I could post some very tiny photos, so you can all get a peek!

At any rate, I will be posting photos of my recent trip to Texas in the very near future. (Meaning, as soon as I find time to download all 200+ of them off my camera! No, I will not be posting all 200. But be warned, I have the cutest nephew in the world.) So, thanks all for your patience and check back soon!

Till next time,

PS - I realized this week that I now subscribe to five magazines! And I only have to pay for one of them! Suh-weeeeeet. (I <3 magazines! I <3 people who give me magazine subscriptions as gifts! Yay!)

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  1. You have the cutest nephew in the world? Wow! Can't wait to see the photos...