My First-Ever-For-Real Knit Gift!

Ah, the joy of being given a handknit! While I do have friends that are crafty, and have been known to receive the occasional handmade gift, I have never known any other knitters, and therefore have never been on the receiving end of the knitting spectrum.


Just look at what my fabulous seester sent me in the mail!

What has to be the most adorable clutch of all time. . .

But wait! There's more. . .

What a pretty package!

Not only did I get this fabulous clutch, but it was filled with goodies! A trio of lip glosses, some yummy body butter, and a super-cool Mickey sticker dispenser! Did I win the mail lottery or what?

I <3 the mismatched buttons! *swoon*

The inside has what I can only assume is handsewn lining in a gorgeous plaid! The buttons were a clever departure from the pattern for the addition of an optional strap.

Ribbon straps! In two different colors, no less! I can't decide which one I like more. : )

Now for the real shocker: this was my seester's first knitting project ever! I love that she added her own design element with the straps. Any woman who can look at a knitting pattern and think, "I can improve on that" is definitely a girl after my own heart! One of the things I'm looking forward to with being published is seeing how different people interpret my pattern with their own unique ideas. (That is, assuming someone actually decides to use my pattern. It would kind of be a letdown if no one wanted to make one of my handbags!)

Anyway, I am completely in love with this gift! Hopefully it is the first of many more handmade gifts to come. : )

Till next time,

PS - I converted another unsuspecting person into a knitter! *insert maniacal laughter here*


  1. Yah for you, and way to go, Jenni! That looks fabulous as a first-time project, and all the fun stuff inside, too! Cheers for you both!

  2. hooray! i'm so glad you liked it! i wanted to put a lot of goodies inside, but it's pretty small. next time i'll make something bigger.= ) i hope it's the first of many handmade gifts, too. if only they would build a hobby lobby or a joann's downtown, preferably next door to me!

  3. That is too cute. I love the button/strap idea.

  4. Wow, Sarah! That clutch is too cute! And to come filled with cool stuff - you must really have a great sister-in-law!

    btw, congratulations on being published, and best of luck on your resubmission to Knitty!

  5. Having received my first ever knit-just-for-me gift earlier this year, I concur with the feeling!

    Love the color and the ruffle on your clutch, too!