Gettin' Published, Bay-Bee!!!!

What's that? Has one of my patterns been chosen to be published in a magazine, you ask?


My partially-felted handbag will be appearing in the February or March issue of MagKnits. Thanks to my MIL for providing the fabulous yarn and needles, and my best friend Laury for modeling (and putting up with my artistic direction during the photography session)!

As this marks the first time one of my patterns has been chosen for publication, naturally I am extremely excited, even more so because this was only my second attempt at being published! I am still hoping that my first pattern submission (a kimono for Knitty) will be chosen for publication when I resubmit in January, as the editor suggested I do. So I guess things are looking bright for my design career!

Meanwhile, my husband and I enjoyed the Dophins/Chiefs game on Sunday, even though the Chiefs lost. Jonathan's trying to convince me that I would make a great cheerleader; I think "doofus of the football field" would be more appropriate. I guess the prep classes are for people like me. It would certainly be a great motivation to go to the gym, so I might just give it a shot. If for no other reason, it would be fun to say I had once auditioned to be an NFL cheerleader.

Tailgating pictures later!

Till next time,


  1. Yay!!!!

    Your biggest (2nd biggest? / skinniest) fan applauds and cheers loudly! Look out, world, here she comes...

  2. Congrats! That's really great news!

  3. Congrats!!
    That is sooo cool. I'm going to try and get some stuff together to email you this week about the clothing line.

  4. hooray for seester east coast!!!