As Promised. . .

Some photos from the game!

Here's the hubby, grilling away and being oh, so manly!

Here's me, eating the yummy sausage-on-a-stick, and not being manly at all.

I'm considering our tailgating party a huge success, even though it was about a million degrees outside and the smoke from the grill kept blowing right in our faces. Jonathan proved to be a grillmeister extraordinaire, and got a huge kick out of being asked by some people a few cars down how to make everything work properly. Can we say, "Ego boost?"

Here we are inside the stadium. I think we were about 3 rows from the very back! Still fun, though. . .

I've decided I enjoy football a lot more live than on TV. The endless chatter and statistics of the announcers on TV always bugs the heck outta me; that and the cheesy theme music and pathetic overuse of sound effects. One thing I really liked was how they made use of the JumboTron while the game is being played. The whole game is shown live, just as you would see it on TV. (You can see it in the photo above.) They also show replays, which was great for me, because I must have missed at least three great plays completely, due to watching the wrong guy "carry the ball!" Those fakeouts got me every time. The replays are also loads of fun on the questionable calls; 70,000+ people booing at the refs!

And finally, here's the KC Chiefs getting beat. . .

I guess that's all I have to show for now. I finally downloaded my pics of Jenni's Convertible, so maybe I'll post those sometime in the next couple of days. (Perhaps she will be generous enough to send her seester a photo of herself wearing it?)

Till next time,


  1. Wow! Look at that awesome Kansas City Chiefs shirt!!!

  2. i forgot to have jonjon take pictures wheni wore it the first time (the day it came! i went home at lunch and changed into an outfit it would match so i could wear it!) but i'll have him take some the next chance i get. it's soooooooo bee-u-ti ful!

  3. p.s. did you cut your hair again, or is it all under the hat?!?!?

  4. Nope, the hair's still down past the shoulder blades. . .it was miserably hot on Sunday, so it all got tucked up under the newsboy cap. : )