It's the Most Wonderful Time. . .

Of My Year!

Yep, Christmas is just around the corner, and those of you who are also knitters know what that means: time to kick those needles into high gear! As you'll note on the sidebar, the Queue is getting longer and longer. I have several projects planned for friends and family; some of them will by necessity be "Mystery Projects," so as not to spoil the fun, but I think I'll safely be able to demonstrate progress on a few of them. I'm quite excited about making up a yoga bag, inspired by the one shown in Lion Brand's new catalog, Page 6. It will be in a variegated blue yarn with bits of sparkle throughout, stitched nice & tightly in this stitch pattern. (My new favey, I think! Pretty from both sides!) Also, I'll be doing a matching set of scarves, a hat for my nephew, and a few other odds and ends. Add to that list a need to finish reknitting my kimono by January 5 for submission to Knitty's Spring Issue, and obviously, I'm going to be keeping busy.

Here's the item of the day:

3-D Cookie Cutters from Williams Sonoma! I'm SO getting me some of these...

Photo updates coming...sometime. There's a lot going on this week: medical dinner tonight, Into The Woods on Friday (1st time in a theater in a year and a half....that's a record for me!), Wayfest all day Saturday, then the Big Game on Sunday! I'm really excited about attending my first-ever NFL game with the hubby! We're planning a simple tailgating "party" before the game...gotta do it right, people! Wish us luck with the portable grill/cooler thingy!

Till next time,

Go Chiefs!


  1. Oh my word, Into the Woods...

    A house, a knife, a cart a kite

    La dee da da...

    Have fun! =^)

  2. i'll be at wayfest tomorrow too!!! How fun!

    --RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com