The Frog Pond, Revisited

So I'm sitting here this morning, swatching my blue cotton yarn for the dishtowels I want to do to go with my Absorba bathmat, and I figure, heck, maybe I should try these with three strands, too! So off I go with my gorgeous Lantern Moon 10.5's, and the piece is knitting up nice and thick and sturdy, and I start thinking, "Boy...this sure would've made a nice rug at this gauge, not all loose & wobbly like mine turned out", which of course makes me decide to whip out the measuring tape and sure enough, I'm knitting up at the exact gauge actually called for in the pattern for the bathmat! Oopsy. No wonder I had so much yarn left over! I knew something had to be wrong. . . Nevermind that the pattern called for size 15 needles! Apparently I'm a loose knitter. Which I Can. Not. figure out, because my stitches are always snug at the bottom of the needle, yet loose enough to slide freely. Anyone have any ideas as to what's causing this anomaly?

Anyhoo. It's off to the frog pond with this piece, but here it is in all it's wobbly glory:

Absorba, in all its deceitfulness

Here's how it looks after I walked across it a few times:

Thy shame cannot be hidden!

Will post photos of the re-knit so we can all compare the difference!

In other knitting news, I'm in the process of designing a Chinese-inspired felted knitting bag. This is going to be gorgeous, dahlings! So stay tuned.

That's it on the knitting front for now!

Till next time,


  1. I love that color and texture...l

  2. poor seester! starting over is no fun! i do really like that color. it's gorgeous!