Double Owie!

I managed to run the sewing machine needle right through my finger two nights ago, top to bottom. Right through the finger nail. Not my idea of fun, let me tell you! Lucky for me, the doctor was home to hold me while I cried like a baby and help prevent me from going into shock. (Hey, let's see YOU run YOUR finger through with a needle and see if you don't cry!) Anyway, all is well now and I'm glad it didn't go all the way through! The doctor says the worse that could happen is that I'll lose my fingernail for awhile, though I'm hoping to avoid that. We'll see how it goes! At any rate, that's now 33 quilts down, 117 to go! (Still 200 total, my generous mom volunteered for 50 - yay!)

Till next time,


  1. That looks so painful. I can only imagine. I guess no one ever told you that sewing was a dangerous sport. With all those pins and needles, it's not a sport for the faint of heart.

    200 quilts??? That's dedication.

  2. yikes! now jonjon is going to take back my new book and refuse to let me learn to sew.

  3. OW OW OW OW!! I'm surprised you're not STILL crying.

  4. just checking.....
    yep, still the scary finger....

  5. Ouch! I had a friend run her finger through twice (in, out, in, out) on her hand cranked machine...I asked: why didn't you just stop cranking?
    Hope it doesn't impede your knitting!