Hurricane Sock Swap Socks!

Just a little progress update on how my box of socks for the swap is going.....

I've already begun collecting, ordering, and making things to go in the box! I'm really excited about what I'm putting together this year. I sitll have a few things left to get, other than making my sock, but alltogether it's going well! So far I've ordered my yarn, picked up a little doggie notepad, ordered a CD and gathered sketches of the city my pal would most like to visit to put together a few handmade notecards. : ) Also, I'm doing some custom stitch markers for my pal based on the "Favorite TV Show" question. After that, I plan to throw in a few homemade pet snacks (okay, if you don't have a pet now you know I'm not your pal, lol!), some cookies, and probably a candle or three for good measure. I ordered a few skeins of Knit Picks Dye Your Own, as I plan to hand-dye a few of the colorways my pal suggested to choose from. I certainly have enough to keep me busy until it arrives!

Oh, and since my pal requested a solid-knit sock, I think I've decided to go with this pattern. After all, everyone knows someone that's been a cancer victim, and isn't it nice to show that we haven't forgotten them?

Christy, this update was for you!!!! Hope you approve! : )

Till next time,

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  1. Thanks Sarah, I really don't have to worry about the Alumni from last year, but with so many newbies, well, I'm pulling my hair out!