Knit For Kids Sweater #1

Mmm, purpley!

I decided to go with rugby-type striping in an attempt to distract from the god-awfulness of this yarn. The purple and grey bits are Simply Soft, so they're not completely hideous, but you can tell by the stiff way the arms are draping that the white is simply nasty. It was a cheap acrylic yarn someone gave me that I didn't have the heart to throw away. I'm hoping it will get softer as it gets washed, otherwise this poor child will have to have a T-shirt to wear underneath! At any rate, Sweater Numero Uno is finished and waiting patiently in the bin for the others to be completed and sent off to Knit for Kids!

Till next time,

PS - That dress form is set to my measurements. I've had to decrease the number of cast on stitches for the other sweaters. . .

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  1. Cute, cute, cute! (That's for the earrings, bracelet and sweater.) :)