Tops & Toes!

Today I am getting interviewed by Jennifer Tallapaneni of Pieknits about my work in the book, "Tops & Toes"!

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JT: Hi Sarah! Thanks for having me over to your blog. It's so nice to get to learn a little more about great designs! I've always thought your pieces are really cute.

SW: Welcome, Jennifer, and thanks so much! Glad to have you here.
JT: So this was your first book correct? How did it feel to get published? Did you enjoy working with DRG?

SW: Yes, this was my first time being published in a paper & ink book! It is an incredible feeling, holding this book in my hands and seeing my name right there like a real designer! Working with DRG was a very happy experience and something I would definitely do again if given the opportunity!

Diamond Swirl Socks - queue them up!

JT: I saw that you have three designs in this book (Daisy Rib Buttoned Leg Warmers, Diamond Swirl Socks, and Zany Zigzag socks - congrats!). My question is how did you find time, or manage your time to work all three at once?

SW: Wow! Well, I was very excited to have all three of my proposals accepted for the book. As it turns out, I wound up having to knit these projects in a frantic hurry while in the middle of a cross-country move! I was literally working my Diamond Swirl Socks (above) in the car while driving from Florida to Kansas City! I guess it's just a classic case of doing what you have to do to get the job done. But really: is any of us going to complain about having to knit? I think not! :)
JT: Do you have some quick thoughts on the different yarns you used?
SW: I particularly liked working with the Happy Feet (Zany Zigzag Socks) and Jitterbug (Diamond Swirl Socks). These are both great yarns; the Happy Feet is super soft and squishy and is also one of the most affordable sock yarns on the market! The Colinette Jitterbug has amazing yardage - there was enough in one skein to make the large size pair of socks, with even a wee bit left over! The Burly Spun by Brown Sheep was a great choice for legwarmers since it has the insulating properties of wool and knits up quickly since it is such a thick yarn!
Zany Zigzag Socks - queue them up!
JT: I LOVE your Buttoned Leg Warmers (they are going in my queue)! Where did you come up with the concept for those?
SW: Thanks so much! Actually, my dear Seester had the idea of doing a legwarmer that buttons up, because she was walking to work at the time and disliked having to remove her shoes to take her legwarmers on and off! I loved the idea and asked her if she would mind if I designed something using that concept, and she very unselfishly said I could (thanks, Seester)! I absolutely love how they turned out and couldn't be any happier!
Daisy Rib Buttoned Legwarmers - queue them up!
JT: Do you have plans for any more books in your future? What things would you like to tackle next in your design career?
SW: Well, you can look forward to seeing more of my work in this spring's issue of Knitty! I also have a piece due out in an upcoming issue of Yarn Forward. As far as goals, I would absolutely love to see something that I knit in a movie (though that might be considered more of a fantasy, really!) and hope to have my own book deal in the next five years!
That's it for this time, folks! Thanks to Jennifer for stopping by and asking such provocative questions! I hope you all enjoyed the interview! Remember to stop by her blog tomorrow, February 22nd, to find out more about her work in the book!
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  1. I have been reading the interviews and the more I read, the more I want to book :) Can't wait to get my paws on it in Canada. :)

  2. hooray for you, seester! i'm so proud!

  3. I love those legwarmers! What a great idea! Buttons, who knew? Congrats!

  4. :sniff: just awesome!
    the photos really represent your work well. I second seester, so proud!

  5. Hello Fellow Designer!
    Welcome to the world of publishing, it is good fun.

    I thoroughly recommend submitting single patterns and designs to compilations, you sometimes get paid the same as if you were authoring a whole book!

    Glad that Tops & Toes was a good experience for you.

    Do pop over and see me on the 24th for my blog tour.

    I made 6 hats and 2 pairs of socks (booties) for T & T.

  6. Way to go daughter!!!!!!!!!! You said it would be an awesome blog and you were right. I am extremely proud of you and your ability to use your talents. I have no doubts you will have your book, but I believe it will be in less than five years. The leg warmers are so cool.

  7. I like the legwarmers the best, although the Burly Spun reminds me of my least favorite customer EVAH. But your pattern washes that creature from my mind. Congrats!!

  8. Congrats on being published. It must be such an exciting time for you. I am looking forward to buying the book. I love your designs.

  9. those zany zigzag socks caught my eye. so fun to read your interview. Best of luck to you!