It's Almost Here!

It's been almost a year since mailing off my last of the pieces for this project, and it isn't something I've ever blogged about, but guess what? I'm going to be in a book! And it's a nice, clever little book, too!


It's Tops & Toes: A Whimsical Collection to Delight Hat & Sock Knitters, and it's put out by DRG Publications and is available through Annie's Attic.
Can't wait to see more? Come back tomorrow for a sneak peek at all three of my designs in the book, and to hear my interview from Jennifer Tallapaneni of Pieknits! Catch all of the designers on the blog tour following this schedule:
2/21- Me!
2/22- Jennifer Tallapaneni: PieKnits
2/23- Erika Flory: It's About The Knitting
2/24- Erssie Major: ErssieKnits
2/25- Ann Squire: Annie-O
2/26- Faina Goberstein: Faina's Knitting Mode
2/27- Celeste Pinhiero: Two Stix In The Woods
2/28- Kara Gott Warner: sheknitsintheloop with Laura Nelkin
3/1- Joanne Seiff: Yarn Spinner
3/2- Cindy Moore: The Fitter Knitter Catch the interview with me about the making of Tops & Toes!
3/3- Sean Higgins: Kblicious
Till next time,


  1. SQUEEEE! :) So so SO proud of you!

  2. Congratulations! Your patterns look great. I'll have to order this book.