Yarnside Chats - Judy's Magic Cast On Tutorial

So awhile back, I did a tutorial on the awesome Judy's Magic Cast On. It appeared in Yarnside Chats, my regular featured over on Knitcircus. (This was Episode 2, for anyone who's counting.)

I wanted to do a feature on Judy's Magic Cast On because not only is this a great cast on for toe-up socks, it's also just about the most genius provisional cast on ever. You can even use it to cast on for something you want joined on two sides, like a hoodie or a zippered pouch. Want to learn how to apply Judy's Magic to these techniques? Sure you do. Watch on, below:

See the original article on Judy's Magic at Knitty.com

Huge thanks goes to Judy Becker for sharing this cast on with the world at large, and to Knitcircus, for encouraging me to film my ideas on how the technique can be applied outside of the sock world.

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