On The Needles

This past week, I was able to knit a quick little pattern from Pam Powers. If you aren't familiar with Pam's work yet, I encourage you to take a peek at her portfolio - it is small but powerful! I had the pleasure of meeting Pam at TNNA this year and she is just as lovely as her designs.

The cowl provides just enough coverage to ward off a chill

Anyway, the pattern I selected was her Scalloped Ruff, which is an interesting little knit with two styling options - a cowl (pictured here), or a scarflette. I say interesting because of the construction method; you knit each scallop separately, then work them into the cowl as you go. Love it! I was able to whip out a scallop in about 10 minutes, and I think there are 11 scallops? All in all, this whole project took me only a few hours. But be warned - if you hate weaving in ends, this might not be the project for you! You'll have about 25 ends to weave in at the end of the project.

Scallops are fun and quick to knit

 I'll be teaching a little knitalong class for this project at True Blewe Yarns in Columbia, Missouri on November 10th from 10AM-2PM. The cost for the class is $30; together, we'll knit through a scallop, learn how to join one to the live stitches that make up the cowl, go over making short rows, and talk about weaving in ends and blocking the finished piece. Bring a snack and get ready for some laughs, because my teaching style is laid-back and fun. After all, if you're not having fun knitting, you're doing it wrong! ;)

The finished cowl would make a great holiday gift

I worked my sample in Frog Tree Meriboo, and used just under 3 skeins. This yarn is available for sale at True Blewe in a large variety of colors! Hope to see you in class!

For more details about my project, click here.


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  1. That's such a cool piece! It's funny...I was *just* looking through Pam's designs yesterday (something popped up on Ravelry, I think) and remembering how sweet she was when I met her in June. She has such a cool style! Anyway, love your version of this!

  2. I saw that at True Blewe last time I was there and it looks great! I was short on time and not able to really ask about it. Thank you for sharing.

  3. good looking knitter. Such a fabulous creation.