The Fiber Factor, Challenge 2: Promo

Alex and I are back, this time with our take on what's happening for Challenge 2 (and a desperate request for help to name our podcast)!

Don't forget to leave us a comment about the name, if you have any ideas! I'd also love to hear what your take would be on this challenge if you were participating. How would you Color Inside the Box?


  1. Interesting thoughts ladies. While I know that it is a focus of both of your design styles, I do not know that being "fashion forward" or "young" is the primary thrust of this competition.

    I believe that a large part of what the powers that be are looking for from this competition is saleable patterns. While there is definitely a market for young and fashion forward, there is also an enormous market for timeless & classic pieces. For every knitter that is looking to make something of the moment there is a knitter who wants to make something that they can wear forever and possibly hand down to following generations.

    Cosby sweaters were once the epitome of "fashion forward" ...

    As far as a name for your podcast - how about The Curiously Chipper Critics?

    1. I'm pretty sure Cosby sweaters are fashion forward all over again, hehe ;-)

      You're right though, it's never been 100% clear if this competition is coming at this from a Project Runway-esque angle, or a "this is what sells in the knitting world" angle. And even within the knitting world, the patterns that sell tons of print copies in LYSes are different than the ones selling like hotcakes on Ravelry. If you sort Hot-Right-Now on Rav for adult garments, I'd say most of the results are pretty fashionable (a lot of beautiful fitted cardigans, a few flowy tops, mostly one-color with interesting but not overly complex details) but they are definitely different than what you'd get if you looked at designer knitwear on Pinterest or Tumblr (where you often get a lot of super simple knits that rely on color or wacky texture.)

      But yeah, Sarah and I are definitely focusing on what *we* like, which has very little to do with what will or should win, haha!

  2. Sarah, that is tooo funny that we both thought ombre! Great minds think alike! :) When they said that there was a theme in this challenge I thought it might be one of my ideas since I'm choosing trendy concepts but then it was Matryoshka dolls?! So random!

    Can't wait for the official podcast, kinda loving "Sexy Roar". What do you think it will be about in the future? Maybe Sassy Knitters podcast? Haha.

    Alex, I don't think you said what you would have done? Very curious!


  3. I think Sexy Roar is a great podcast name!