One year today

It's hard to believe that today marks the one year anniversary of our moving to Florida. It seems like just yesterday we were maneuvering our 17-foot U-Haul through the busy streets of Orlando, trying to find our hotel. A bit of a detour off the path from Fort Worth, Texas, to West Palm Beach, but the call of Planet Hollywood was too much to resist. Little did we know then how often we'd be making the three-hour drive to the beckoning theme parks in the coming months!

As I reflect on the last year, I thought I'd share some random observations about our life in West Palm Beach:

  • We live less than 5 miles from the beach
  • When the wind is strong, we can smell the ocean from our house
  • Our roof is frequently covered in seagulls
  • The average length of a woman's hair here is elbow-length
  • Our next-door neighbor smokes like a chimney, and the smell wafts into our home through the vents (I'm extremely allergic)
  • "Soccer Moms" are rare - those wealthy enough to stay at home are socialites (think Donald Trump and Serena Williams)
  • We can DRIVE to Orlando! (Need I say more? We have already made a dozen separate trips and are proud season passholders to the Disney theme parks and DisneyQuest)
  • While looking for a church, we attended 4 different Churches of Christ. At each one, the sermon was about being baptized in order to avoid going to hell. We now attend a Church of God.
  • We miss Fort Worth, but we miss our family, friends & home church more
  • West Palm Beach was voted the #3 beach in Florida on the Travel Channel's Top 10
  • I know only 4 people in this state who I do not work with
  • On moving here, I worked first as a waitress, then as a receptionist; now I do both

Sorry, I know some of those were downers. We really do love living here and look forward to becoming accomplished surfers in the next four years, among other things. It's great to live somewhere people want to visit; we have not been lacking for company from back home!

In other news, our Memorial Day Orlando Bash was a great success. Our team sucked at volleyball, but getting repeatedly thrown off a giant inner tube is surprisingly fun! Also the food was delicious (if you ever get a chance to have King Crab legs, DO!) and we relaxed by seeing X-Men III and going to Typhoon Lagoon and DisneyQuest. Highlight of the weekend was a midnight airboat tour on Lake Jessup! Our 30+ years' experienced tourguide told us he thought we'd seen several thousand gators. By the way; my very own boss here at the firm holds the record for the largest gator caught in this state.

Knitting class #2 tonight! I'll let you know how it goes. Speaking of knitting, Below are some pics of my latest WIP. The blue is a light shawl I'm designing for submission to the 2008 Knitting-Pattern-A-Day Calendar. The other is the surprise for hubby. WHO PASSED HIS BOARDS! YIPPEEEE!

Till next time,


  1. what pictures? where? i don't see no pictures!!!!! i need pictures! ( i'll trade you for some pictures of baby eva's blanket in progress...)

  2. Oh yeah. . .forgot the pics. Can't upload them from work, will post them when I get home tonight.