These boots were made for walkin'. . .

Why is it that every time my husband picks me up from work for a date, we forget to stop for my car on the way home? One wouldn't think it would be necessary to put that in the "Stuff That's Too Hard To Remember To Do" category, but apparently it is. At least, if you're me. Or my husband. Last night was the third (yep, that read THIRD) such occasion. We were having such a merry time bodyboarding and supping on the beach at Singer Island, that we drove straight home without even thinking about my car, parked in the garage at the firm. Soooooooooo naturally, this morning when I walked out to to the parking lot to drive to work, it was nowhere to be found. Oh, s---, not again! After frantically trying to reach my husband for about an hour, I was finally able to get a nurse to ring the phone in the operating room at the hospital. Turns out he was scrubbing into a surgery, and wouldn't be able to take me to work for several hours. I couldn't get in touch with anyone from work before the office opened (meaning someone would have had to leave work to come and get me), my three friends in this state are all out of town, and the local taxi company wanted $20+ for the trip! Lucky for me, there's a bus stop right outside my condo community, so I decided to brave the masses and try it out. Or so I thought. Because as it turns out, that particular bus route goes north instead of south. Perfect. Okay, so there's got to be a bus stop on the opposite side of the road for the southbound bus, right? Wrong. There's so much construction happening on the main road that I could not even find a bus stop sign for the southbound route. Soooooooo, after walking down the road about a half mile looking for said sign, I decided, "I'm not really that far away, I'll just walk the rest of the way."

Now, I have to break in here and tell you that it is six miles to my office building. And I am not an outdoorsy-girl. I like being inside. In the air conditioning. And I'm a big fan of sunglasses, and hats, because being in the sun gives me migraines.

So there I am, walking 6-miles-is-not-that-far to work at 10:00 in the morning, feeling proud of myself for not having to inconvenience anyone to come and rescue me for my own stupid mistake. An hour and fifteen minutes later (not bad time, eh?) and one block away from the office building, the CEO drives by in his SUV, looks at me like I am the craziest employee he's ever had, and goes, "I've been looking for you. . .get in the car!" Actually I think he was kind of amused that I would walk that far to work. . .on the other hand, I know I looked more than a bit disheveled, curly hair all frizzy and sticking this way and that, and my spaghetti-strap tank covered in sweat. (The nice shirt was in my bag, so it wouldn't get sweaty/dirty - I wonder if my boss thought that's all I intended to wear to work?) After freshening up in the ladies' room, I have to say I don't think I looked that bad, but my coworkers all greatly enjoyed teasing me for what they all think was a ridiculous idea. Like walking six miles down a sidewalk is a life-threatening endeavor. Hmmph.

But I think I'll not forget my car again.

Oh, and random side note: I ran into one of my restaurant coworkers while I was walking down the street! I guess it is a small world, after all. . .

In knitting news, my parents called to see if I wanted the NeedleMaster set they bought me today at Tuesday Morning. Apparently they made a special trip just to get it. My mother told me, "We saw an ad for knitting needles and wasn't sure if you could use any more. . .it's called a *rifling through bag to find the product* Boye. . .NeedleMas-" That was as far as she got before I broke in with, "Yes! Yes! YES YES YES YES YES!" What can I say? It's not a set of Denise Interchangeables, but for a pair of non-knitters to recognize the NeedleMaster's value was a feat in and of itself. So I'm happy. : )

Yesterday I received my prize from Saun; my first ball of Rowan and I am in love! Such softness! Such texture! Such richness of color! Also, the book is amazing and I can't wait to make some of the projects, like:



Thanks again, Saun!

The Hubby Surprise now has a heel! (Okay, you all know it's a sock, why try and hide it?)

I'm still waiting to take pictures of my kimono for Knitty. I had to reset the sleeves and revamp the pattern a bit; not a big deal, but a pain nonetheless.

Knitting class #3 this week! I think one newbie will join us. . .I'll get them all in the end, mwuhahaha!

Till next time,


  1. sarah, sarah, sarah...perhaps you should also get a map of the bus the lines!
    that needle mater looks very very cool! i've put learning to knit on hold while i'm making eva's blanket, but i can already see how incredibly useful that would be. those leg warmers look so cute! i'm terrible jealous.= ) have fun!

  2. Gasp! Needlemaster sets at Tuesday Morning! *leaves right now to go to one down the street*