With this ring. . .

Two years ago today my husband and I were married. Since then, we've been through the good times and bad, the sickness and health, and the richer or poorer the minister talked about at our wedding, and then some! We have laughed together, cried together and shouted together; we have definitely not been lacking in emotional experiences. The good times have been really really good, and the bad times equally intense. Having been through it all, I can truly say that I love my husband and would rather be with him than any other man I can possibly imagine! (Hey, I'm a newlywed; if you don't like the gushiness, go read someone else's blog.) In celebration of the day, I'm posting gratuitous wedding photos:

Crafting 'til the last minute!

I snuck a "W" in there!

Check out that fabulous handmade bouquet!

Here's my dress, looking all innocent. . .little did we know. . .

it would try to EAT THE BRIDESMAIDS!

I still love you, baby!

Till next time,


  1. hooray for gushiness! i hope you still feel this way and talk about it every year, you don't have to let the newlywedness wear off. = )

    congratulations, little seester!

  2. and i'm so excited that i showed up on your blog in all my tanned-strapless-flip-floppy-glory! hooray for the carniverous dress!

  3. Yes, maybe next time we'll actually be able to see your face. . .don't feel too bad, though, it took Jonathan almost four months to make an appearance here! ;) Laury took the win for first-person-to-appear-on-the-blog-besides-me. . .

  4. Congratulations Sarah, both on your happiness and on your fabulous photos.

  5. Congrats on your 2nd anniversary! Did you enjoy the cruise?! We had so much fun :D
    We didn't do the Dunns River Falls, opted for the River tubing instead but it got canceled because it down-poured when we got there. Still found plenty to see and do though!

  6. Hey, how come my Griffindor scarf is only 40% done?!


    love ya, sis and I'm glad you guys had this chance to get-away! keep going for it!

  7. Awwww....I love the wedding pics!! What a beautiful bride and handsome groom!! As a 20+ year "bride" I encourage you to keep your "newlywed" mentality!! You just gush all you want!!!! Happy Anniversary!!